Tips on starting your marketplace

Begin your journey as a marketplace entrepreneur! Here are our best picks to help you fine-tune your marketplace idea, validate your concept, and get your platform off the ground fast.

What makes a great marketplace idea

Everything starts with an idea. These articles get to the bottom of the anatomy of great marketplace ideas. You’ll learn how to look at the world through the eyes of a marketplace entrepreneur and spot opportunities everywhere. They’ll also give you the basics on how to monetize your marketplace idea.

Preparing your business for take-off

You can start working on your marketplace before you have a single line of code written for your website. Take the time to prevalidate your idea, define your budget, and find the smartest way to spend your time and  money. Validating your idea will give you lots of new insights that you can take with you to building your MVP.

Find the fastest way to market

Don’t build a desert platform. A common mistake of early-stage marketplace founders is spending too much time and money building their first version. Instead, our advice is to define the minimum set of features you’ll need to wow your first users, and launch as fast as possible. These articles are all about helping you find the fastest and most affordable way to market.

More on starting a marketplace

More inspiration for the beginning of your journey as a marketplace entrepreneur.

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