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Juho Makkonen Sharetribe funny
Juho Makkonen Sharetribe

Juho Makkonen

Co-founder & CEO

Juho is a pioneer of collaborative economy, as a researcher and an entrepreneur.

Antti Virolainen Sharetribe funny
Antti Virolainen Sharetribe

Antti Virolainen

Co-founder & CFO

Antti is an experienced web developer and life coach, he has the innate ability to make things work.

Thomas Malbaux Sharetribe funny
Thomas Malbaux Sharetribe

Thomas Malbaux


Thomas' greatest assets are his analytical mindset and his friendly personality.

Mikko Koski Sharetribe funny
Mikko Koski Sharetribe

Mikko Koski


Mikko is a full stack developer who likes all aspects of web development.

Vesa Luusua Sharetribe funny
Vesa Luusua Sharetribe

Vesa Luusua

Front-end Development

Vesa is passionate about developing great user experiences.

Janne Koivistoinen Sharetribe funny
Janne Koivistoinen Sharetribe

Janne Koivistoinen


Janne loves creating stunning visuals, building brand identities and designing for all screen sizes.

Boyan Tabakov Sharetribe funny
Boyan Tabakov Sharetribe

Boyan Tabakov


Boyan describes himself as a cloud magician. Before moving to Finland, he used to run a hosting company in his home country of Bulgaria.

Hannu Lyytikäinen Sharetribe funny
Hannu Lyytikäinen Sharetribe

Hannu Lyytikäinen


Hannu is an experienced engineer who has years of experience from various software development projects using different technologies.

Sjoerd Handgraaf Sharetribe funny
Sjoerd Handgraaf Sharetribe

Sjoerd Handgraaf


Sjoerd is a seasoned digital marketing professional with years of experience in various internet startups.

Vesa Vahermaa Sharetribe funny
Vesa Vahermaa Sharetribe

Vesa Vahermaa

Support & Operations

Vesa enjoys helping people, both in his professional life and in his free time.

Luis Rodríguez Sharetribe funny
Luis Rodríguez Sharetribe

Luis Rodríguez

Product Development & Support

Luis is a truly service-oriented person whose passion is to help people get the best experience ever, make people happy.

Kinga Koterska Sharetribe funny
Kinga Koterska Sharetribe

Kinga Koterska

People Operations

Kinga is a natural people person, a world traveller and a film photographer.

Mira Muurinen Sharetribe funny
Mira Muurinen Sharetribe

Mira Muurinen


Mira is a content expert with a diverse background ranging from marketing and communications agencies.

Jenni Laakso Sharetribe funny
Jenni Laakso Sharetribe

Jenni Laakso

Front-end Development

Jenni is great at creating interactive user interfaces and playing board games.

Thomas Rocca Sharetribe funny
Thomas Rocca Sharetribe

Thomas Rocca

Support & Sales

Thomas is enthusiastic about helping customers, learning new things and playing football.

Päivi Kinnunen Sharetribe funny
Päivi Kinnunen Sharetribe

Päivi Kinnunen


Päivi is an administrative all-rounder passionate about creating a more sustainable planet and a better working life.

Katri Antikainen Sharetribe funny
Katri Antikainen Sharetribe

Katri Antikainen


Katri swears by open conversation, creativity, and inclusivity.

Oana Järvenpää Sharetribe funny
Oana Järvenpää Sharetribe

Oana Järvenpää


Oana is a fixer and a finder of information. In her free time, she likes to map out scenarios for the zombie apocalypse.

Aleksi O'Connor Sharetribe funny
Aleksi O'Connor Sharetribe

Aleksi O'Connor

Technical Support

Aleksi is experienced in development and service design and looks for creative ways to combine the two.

Sari Saariaho Sharetribe funny
Sari Saariaho Sharetribe

Sari Saariaho

Technical Support

Sari is a developer and teacher who loves learning, communication, debugging, and starting crafts projects.

Won Seob Seo Sharetribe funny
Won Seob Seo Sharetribe

Won Seob Seo


Won is a full-stack developer and programming language enthusiast. He likes to learn new things, play games, and read webtoons.

Adeyemi Adebayo Sharetribe funny
Adeyemi Adebayo Sharetribe

Adeyemi Adebayo


Adeyemi enjoys figuring things out and then helping people figure them out. He also enjoys reading memoirs and making travel photographs when not curating great experiences.

Yifan Dong Sharetribe funny
Yifan Dong Sharetribe

Yifan Dong


Yifan relishes advocating for customers. In his free time, he loves watching anime, playing football, and listening to pop-punk.

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