Master the marketplace business model

Building a marketplace means offering a service to two distinct user groups: the supply and the demand. These articles help you solve the challenges and unlock the opportunities of the marketplace business model.

Making money as a marketplace entrepreneur

One of the most common reasons why startups fail is that they choose a business model that doesn’t scale. So think carefully about how you’ll monetize your marketplace. These articles help you find a revenue model and a pricing level that supports your growth and keeps users on your platform.

Build supply, generate demand, and solve the chicken-or-egg problem

Building a marketplace presents you with a chicken-or-egg problem. You need high-quality supply to drive demand. To get high-quality supply, you need demand. These articles suggest strategies to help you balance your marketplace audience and grow a loyal user base.

Build and maintain your marketplace community

The most successful marketplaces are more than businesses. They’re an active community where users can meet, interact, and transact. Investing in community-building can pay off tremendously and boost your growth and defensibility against competitors. Here’s everything you need to know about building a marketplace community.

More on the marketplace model

More expert insights on the opportunities, challenges, and strategies around the marketplace model.

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