The top 11 Sharetribe alternatives

There are many ways to build a marketplace website. Here are the most common alternatives to Sharetribe.

What are the best alternatives to Sharetribe?

There are many ways to develop a marketplace. Each of them has its pros and cons.

In theory, developing a marketplace entirely from scratch can be an alternative to using Sharetribe. It's also possible to create a marketplace with generic no-code tools like Bubble or by combining many different SaaS tools with Zapier integrations.

However, dedicated marketplace software like Sharetribe has significant benefits over other approaches.

Marketplace builders can make launching a business very fast and easy. Compared to coding from scratch, they tend to be significantly more affordable as well. Often, dedicated marketplace tools also offer the smoothest marketplace user experience. Generic websites and eCommerce builders can achieve some of these benefits, so a few of them made our list even though these solutions aren't Sharetribe competitors in the strictest sense.

The 11 most popular Sharetribe alternatives are:

  • WordPress (combined with multi-vendor themes and plugins)
  • Shopify (extended with a multi-vendor app or marketplace template)
  • Magento (with a multi-vendor extension)
  • Mirakl
  • CS-Cart
  • Shuup
  • Marketplacer
  • Near Me
  • Izberg
  • Arcadier
  • Yelo

But even though they are often used as alternatives to Sharetribe, not all of them can achieve what Sharetribe can. And vice versa – some solutions have eCommerce features that Sharetribe doesn't offer today.

In a nutshell, what is the best Sharetribe alternative for you depends on your marketplace idea, budget, technical skills, and available time. Things like scalability, reliability, support, and updates are worth considering as well. Read on to find out which marketplace solution could work best for you.

1. WordPress (WooCommerce + Dokan Multivendor)

It's possible to install marketplace themes and plugins on top of WordPress. The biggest upside of this approach is its affordability compared to dedicated marketplace solutions. For a skilled WordPress developer, the approach also offers relatively high customizability.

The biggest downside is that the WordPress approach is neither extremely fast nor extremely scalable. No-code alternatives like Sharetribe are quicker to get started with and require less technical skills. Sharetribe is also significantly easier to maintain, customize, and expand.

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2. Shopify

Though Shopify isn't a Sharetribe alternative in the strictest sense, a Shopify-powered eCommerce store can be transformed into a marketplace with a multi-vendor app or marketplace templates. What makes this approach tempting is Shopify's status as an eCommerce name brand, and the vast network of Shopify experts available.

Creating a functioning marketplace on top of Shopify takes time and requires extensive technical skills and experience with working with Shopify. Similarly to the WordPress approach, scalability and customizability are a concern as well. 

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3. Magento

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that can be turned into a marketplace with multi-vendor extensions. Similarly to Shopify, Magento excels in powerful eCommerce features. It also has a wide developer community to help non-technical founders.

The drawbacks are similar to all website and eCommerce builders where the multi-vendor model was added as an afterthought. Launching your platform will be more time-consuming than with dedicated marketplace software, and customizing and scaling your platform will be more limited.

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4. Mirakl

Mirakl focuses on offering marketplace solutions for large-scale businesses and organizations. Like Sharetribe, Mirakl offers a marketplace API and a global expert ecosystem, making it a highly customizable marketplace product.

Mirakl's focus means their offering in both features and services is great for established businesses looking to enrich their offering with a marketplace platform. The lack of a no-code option, and thus, a longer time to market, might be a no-go for a startup or a small business, as might Mirakl's pricing level.

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5. CS-Cart

CS-Cart offers a multi-vendor marketplace eCommerce solution. Their pricing is license-based: you can buy the software for a one-off fee and get full access to the codebase.

CS-Cart suits online mall-style marketplaces best. Compared to Sharetribe, it has more limited features for rental or service marketplaces. Launching a marketplace with CS-Cart requires technical understanding, but if you have the skills and budget, this alternative may be more affordable in the long run than subscription-based solutions. Developer experience and scalability may pose challenges and will depend a lot on the level of customization your idea requires.

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6. Shuup

Unlike most Sharetribe alternatives, Shuup doesn't offer a no-code marketplace solution. All its pricing plans include a certain amount of custom development work to take the product into use.

The biggest benefit of this approach is flexibility. According to Shuup, their solution can power anything from a marketplace like Amazon to a local delivery network. At the same time, this approach is more expensive and time-consuming than using a no-code solution. For an experienced developer, the lack of control over the development process might feel uninspiring.

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7. Marketplacer

Marketplacer offers a full-stack marketplace solution and a headless product that can be connected to an existing eCommerce solution. With the help of different modules, Marketplacer can power marketplaces focusing on products, services, events, and holidays.

Marketplacer's approach is more bespoke than Sharetribe's. It offers no off-the-shelf solution or free option, but also no API to allow for developing custom features or integrations. Marketplacer may be best suited for existing online stores looking to enrich their site with selected multi-vendor features. 

8. Near Me

Near Me's marketplace solution is marketed to both early-stage entrepreneurs and existing businesses. It offers a good selection of marketplace essentials, combined with some useful advanced features like comprehensive business analytics and the ability to create customer rewards. 

Compared to off-the-shelf competitors like Sharetribe, Near Me is more customizable thanks to full HTML and CSS access. However, its pricing level is higher, and launching takes more time. Compared to Sharetribe, the biggest drawback is the lack of an API that would empower founders to build advanced features, customizations, or mobile apps.

9. Izberg

Izberg is a modular marketplace solution based on a REST API. Similarly to many Sharetribe competitors, Izberg too seems to focus their marketing on existing businesses that want to expand to the multi-vendor model.

Thanks to the modular approach and the ability to connect with existing eCommerce platforms, Izberg can be a great marketplace solution for an established online store. For first-time founders, the approach has fewer benefits in contrast to no-code alternatives like Sharetribe or Arcadier.

10. Arcadier

Out of all the Sharetribe alternatives on the market, Arcadier's solution comes closest to Sharetribe's. Arcadier offers a no-code marketplace builder and access to an API with the enterprise plan. 

With close competitors, the devil is in the details. The best way to find the right tool for you is to create a free trial and compare the experience. We also recommend checking out reliable third-party reviews from sites like Capterra.

11. Yelo

Yelo, too, has an offering very similar to Sharetribe, so the biggest differences are in customer experience and things like customer service, level of maintenance and reliability, update frequency, and so on. 

If you don't want to spend time trying both solutions, reading through some Capterra reviews for both Sharetribe and Yelo might be helpful.

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