Essential marketplace features

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A landing page of a sample yoga class marketplace. Overlaid is a snippet of a chat conversation on the marketplace and a search filter bar with the filters difficulty and price.

Users and listings

Launch your marketplace with a streamlined user experience

User profiles

Get a seamless signup process, beautiful user profiles, and storefronts

Listing types

Decide how customers interact with listings

Listing creation

Tap into a powerful, built-in listing creation flow

Listing fields

Collect the exact data you need from your suppliers

Listing search

Create a smooth search and filtering experience for customers


Get out-of-the-box support for marketplace transactions

Secure online payments

Facilitate payments between suppliers and customers


Monetize your marketplace from day one


Conclude every transaction with two-sided reviews to build trust


Enable in-app communications to help your users connect

Marketplace management tools

Manage your marketplace business at any scale with world-class tools.

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