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In this series, we sit down with brilliant marketplace minds and talk about starting, building, growing and scaling an online marketplace business.

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Podcast episodes

Season 1, Episode 7 July 8th, 2020

Building an enterprise gateway marketplace - Kevin Lustig (

Kevin Lustig recounts how got started 14 years ago, the ups and downs on the way and how they ended up building an enterprise gateway marketplace serving the biggest enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Season 1, Episode 6 July 1st, 2020

Talent marketplaces and the future of work - Sophie Adelman (WhiteHat/ex-Hired)

The future of work is a hot topic for online entrepreneurs – and an area with loads of opportunities for marketplaces in particular. This episode offers some real gems of wisdom around marketplaces and the future of work. Sjoerd is joined by Sophie Adelman, the co-founder of the apprenticeships marketplace WhiteHat who previously led the expansion of the tech recruitment platform from the US to the UK. In the podcast, you’ll learn Sophie’s battle-tested lessons on building liquidity in a talent marketplace. She also discusses the importance of educating your marketplace users and embracing the managed marketplace approach in the early days.

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Season 1, Episode 5 Jun 23rd, 2020

Embrace, don't replace the middleman with Michael DeGiorgio of CREXi

Michael DeGiorgio, founder and CEO of Crexi, joins us for this episode. CREXI is a marketplace for commercial real estate, which, as Michael explains, was an industry ripe for some serious disruption. We talk about how to build productivity tools for one side of your marketplace, how to continuously overdeliver on value, and also about how instead of getting rid of the “middleman”, which is something that you often see when marketplaces enter a space, Crexi actually embraced the middleman. A terrific episode, overflowing with advice for anyone building a marketplace for a B2B vertical.

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Season 1, Episode 4 Jun 17th, 2020

Talk to your users before building anything with Charles Armitage of Florence

Before starting Florence, Charles Armitage was a doctor and training to go into emergency medicine. He then decided to radically change his career to start a marketplace for independent nurses and elderly care. Charles tells us all about that, shows us the importance of talking to your customers before building a huge product, (spoiler: their first version failed hard), and how to build relationships and trust in such a delicate market.

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Season 1, Episode 3 Jun 7th, 2020

Building a marketplace for a fragmented market with complex workflows with Ruthie Amaru of Freightos

We talk to Ruthie Amaru, CEO of Freightos, the world's biggest marketplace for freight. We’ll talk about how to serve fragmented markets, with complex workflows and middleman. We talk about how to get supply onboard before having demand, about building for trust and loads of other great things, especially for B2B marketplaces.

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Season 1, Episode 2 Jun 7th, 2020

On quality and productivity in marketplaces with Josh Breinlinger of JSV

We sat down with Josh Breinlinger to dive into his long history with online marketplaces. Josh was early at oDesk and and has invested in several marketplaces while working in Venture Capital at Jackson Square ventures. We talked productivity tools, being anti-hype, and quality in the marketplace.

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Season 1, Episode 1 Jun 7th, 2020

Build something people want with Lenny Rachitsky

Lenny Rachitsky (ex-Airbnb) shared his extensive experience and research into kickstarting online marketplace businesses. We'll discuss Airbnb's 'Snow White' strategy, his framework for assessing marketplaces, the potential of, Shopify's Shop App, which flirts with being a marketplace and loads more.

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