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How to measure your success: the key marketplace metrics
Marketing & growth

11 marketplace metrics you should be tracking to measure your success

The most important metrics that anchor all your marketing and growth activities.

Choose the right marketplace business model
Starting a marketplace
Business Model

The 6 marketplace business models – and how to choose the right one

Compare marketplace business models and find the revenue strategy that brings you the biggest growth boost.

Start a marketplace
Starting a marketplace

What you need to know to plan your marketplace business

An introduction to online marketplaces. What they are, why they are booming, and why you should build one.

Rows of same-sized, square-shaped boxes in pastel colors
Starting a marketplace
Platform technology

Your marketplace MVP – How to build a Minimum Viable Platform

What you should focus on when you’re creating the first version of your marketplace platform.

Marketplace Pricing - how to set the marketplace commission and transaction fee
Business Model

Marketplace pricing: How to define your ideal take rate

Find a pricing strategy that is just right for everyone: you, your providers, and their customers.

Build a successful marketplace step by step

Get started with your marketplace idea by following the steps in our practical guide to building an online marketplace.

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The Lean Marketplace – A practical guide to building a successful online marketplace is available online and on Amazon.

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