Sharetribe Go Affiliate Program

The Sharetribe Go Affiliate Program is meant for anyone interested in promoting Sharetribe. Sharetribe affiliate partners get a commission for customers who they direct to Sharetribe and who sign up for a paid Sharetribe Go plan. Referral fees don't apply to other Sharetribe products than Sharetribe Go.

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How much is the commission?

Commission overview by plan & billing period

Sharetribe affiliate payout.

* Period: the period at which we pay out the commission, which is equal to the referred customer's billing period. Monthly plan: every month. Semi-annual plan: every 6 months. For up-to-date prices, visit the pricing page.

We pay you 10% of what the referred customer pays Sharetribe during their first 12 months as a Sharetribe Go customer.

Monthly Plans

Here the customer pays per month, and you earn the 10% commission per month, for every month of their first year at Sharetribe.

Example: If your referred customer signs up for a monthly Pro plan of Sharetribe Go, you will receive $14.90 for the first month, then another $14.90 for their second month and so on, potentially adding up to $178.80 (12x $14.90)

Semi-annual plans

Here the customer pays for 6 months upfront, for a reduced price, and you earn the 10% commission for 6 months at once.

Example: If your referred customer signs up for a semi-annual Pro plan of Sharetribe Go, you will receive $71.40 in the first month, and then an additional $71.40 once the customer renews their subscription after 6 months. The total potential commission for this customer is then $142.80 (2 x $71.40)

You can review Sharetribe Go pricing at the pricing page.

Is there something else I should know?

Below are the key details of the Sharetribe Go Affiliate Program:

  • A customer signup is counted as a referral if the customer signs up for a paid plan of Sharetribe Go within 90 days of clicking your affiliate referral link and uses the same browser (cookie).
  • Commissions are paid for Sharetribe Go paying customers. Trial signups do not generate commissions.
  • Commission is paid based on the subscription price before VAT. Commission is not paid for cancelled or refunded payments.
  • Commissions are paid via PayPal. A valid PayPal account is required for the program.
  • Payments are made on the 10th day of the following month, or on the next open business day.
  • The program currently provides affiliate links and many different Sharetribe banner ads.
  • Where can I find the small print?

    The full terms and conditions of the program can be found on the sign-up page:

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