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Sugarlift founder Wright smiling, holding a laptop facing the camera. The laptop is open on the Sugarlift landing page.

Wright Harvey from Sugarlift

Sugarlift constantly adapts to meet the changing needs of the art market

A mission-driven art gallery with an online marketplace, Sugarlift is bridging the gap between brick-and-mortar galleries and the digital world.

The Octopus Club founder Ana smiling at the camera, holding a laptop that shows the marketplace's landing page.

Ana Rachel Estrougo from The Octopus Club

The Octopus Club launched with a unique design at a fraction of the time and cost of building from scratch

Ana Rachel Estrougo has bought her furniture and clothes second-hand for many years. But when she became a mother, she found it hard to buy quality items for her baby the same way. So she founded The Octopus Club: a preloved marketplace for parents.

Drive lah founders Gaurav Singhal and Dirk-Jan der Horst. Both founders are smiling and wearing light button-down shirts and jeans. Gaurav is holding a laptop that's open to the Drive lah home page.

Gaurav Singhal and Dirk-Jan ter Horst from Drive lah

Drive lah raised millions in venture capital and scaled internationally

Gaurav and Dirk-Jan want to grow Drive lah into the largest shared mobility marketplace in Asia Pacific. With a growing community, a team of thirty, and $3.2M in pre-series A funding, they’re well on their way.

The marketplace Swimmy's founder Raphaëlle de Monteynard is smiling widely. She holds a laptop showing the Swimmy landing page facing the camera.

Raphaëlle de Monteynard from Swimmy

Swimmy grew to hundreds of thousands of users and millions in bookings

Swimmy lets people to rent private pools in France and Spain. Each summer season has meant considerable growth for the marketplace.

Shira Yevin has blonde hair with pink tips. She's wearing a black leather jacket and a gold necklace that says gritty. She has crossed her arms and is smiling confidently.

Shira Yevin from Gritty In Pink

Gritty In Pink launched a marketplace and saw sixteen months of continuous growth

Shira Yevin's community grew out of frustration: the music industry had a dire lack of female representation. Today, Gritty In Pink connects the entertainment industry with diverse female creators.

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Myleah in cosplay as Karatoga Tenn from IDOLiSH7. Photo by Ubevisuals. The image is cropped from the shoulder to mid-thigh. Myleah wears a white shirt an red flowy pants with many, colorful belts. She's holding a red-and-black fan. An apple-sized jingle bell hangs from her neck. A large, pink, and fluffy multi-pronged tail brings the costume together.


Lumikha is a marketplace from cosplayers for cosplayers

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A close-up image of a mixing board with colorful lights

Mike Williams from Studiotime

Studiotime launched in one evening and was profitable six months later

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A red travel van parked in a beautiful green space.

Oliver Huber from Nomady

Nomady developed custom features in the wake of exponential demand and growth

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A hiker walking through a dry hay field. At the edge of the field, there are pines. A mountain looms blue in the distance.

Nic De Castro from LandTrust

LandTrust validated their concept and raised a $6 million Series A funding round

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