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Sharetribe is constantly improving. Here you can find the latest updates. If you're interested in knowing what we're currently working on, check out our public roadmap.

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February 2024

🚀 New feature: Infinite stock

Infinite stock adds more support for marketplaces selling listings without physical inventory, like digital goods and services. When this stock type is enabled, providers never need to add or manage listing stock.

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🚀 New feature: Turn off default listing fields

Depending on your listing type’s transaction process, you can disable the following default listing fields: location, pickup, shipping, and payout details required before publishing a listing. You now have even more flexibility to determine what kind of listings your marketplace has.

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🚀 New feature: Customer commission

Charge a commission from your customers, providers, or both – without touching a single line of code. You can set a customer commission percentage in Console. The customer’s fee is calculated on the listing page before they initiate a booking or purchase.

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🚀 New feature:  Enhance your marketplace with third-party integrations in the Pro plan

Extend your marketplace with no-code third-party integrations. Create dashboards with Lemonado, automate social media sharing with ShopSync, or monitor marketplace conversations with Marketbase.

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January 2024

🚀 The new Sharetribe launches in Product Hunt! After a beta period that started in June 2023, the new Sharetribe was now officially released to the world! We had a great launch in Product Hunt: we were the #2 product of the day with over 1,000 votes.

🚀 New feature:
Automate workflows with Zapier in the Pro plan

With Sharetribe's Zapier integration, you can send data from your marketplace to thousands of third-party apps without coding. Zapier helps you automate repetitive tasks in your marketplace. Zapier is now available in live marketplaces already in the Pro plan.

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🛠 Improvements:

  • You can now add GIFs from Giphy to your content pages with markdown.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cursor to jump when entering your email in Firefox while logging in Console.

December 2023

🚀 New feature: Limit custom fields to specific listing types

If your marketplace has many different types of listings, odds are that you want to collect different kinds of data about them too. This feature lets you limit custom listing fields to specific listing types. 

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🛠 Improvements:

  • You can now add your Stripe publishable key and Map key yourself in Console instead of submitting it via a dedicated form.
  • You can now connect your Stripe account to your test marketplace if you want to see how things look like in the Stripe dashboard.
  • You can now connect your own Google Maps account to your Test environment to see how Google Maps works before going live.

November 2023

🚀 New feature: Automatic sitemap

The sitemap plays a vital role in optimizing your marketplace for search engines. Your marketplace now automatically generates a sitemap that includes your content pages and the 10,000 most recent listings.

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🚀 New feature: Several new features in Pages

New "Hero" section template. With the new section template, it's easy to create visually appealing initial sections for your pages.

Adjust background image darkness. With the new "overlay" feature, you can make your background images darker to make the text easier to read.

Anchor links. Link easily to a specific section on your page by specifying an anchor link.

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🚀 New third-party integration: Send your product listings to your social media shops with ShopSync

ShopSync is a third party integration that automatically uploads your sellers' listings to social media and keeps the listing information up to date. ShopSync integrates with Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Pinterest, and Google Merchant Center, where you can manage Google and YouTube advertising.

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🛠 Improvements:

  • You can now add up to 1000 content pages with Pages (up from previous limit of 100).
  • The "Save changes" and "View page" buttons are now fixed to the bottom of Console, which makes them easily accessible when you're editing your content.
  • Bug fix: the fee for "additional items" is no longer displayed in shipping details if stockType = one item.
  • Bug fix: creating a custom field that had an ID that clashed with one of the default fields caused an error.
  • Bug fix: apostrophes (') and other unusual characters are now displayed correctly in page title.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a scrolling bug in Pages that made it difficult to edit a content block with a large amount of content.

October 2023

🚀 New feature: Edit and translate email notification content without touching code

You can now edit the text content of built-in and transaction-related emails without touching the code of the templates. Editing happens with an editor similar to the one you use for changing marketplace texts. You can use it to make text adjustments or translate the emails to the language of your choice. We have also renamed this editor: previously it was called “Microcopy editor” but now we simply call it Marketplace texts.

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🚀 New feature: GDPR-compliant analytics with Plausible

Earlier, Google Analytics was the only built-in analytics integration in The New Sharetribe. However, since Google Analytics does not adhere to GDPR regulation, it was not really an option for EU-based platforms. Plausible is an alternative analytics tool that’s fully GDPR compliant.

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🚀 New feature: Adjust the size of your logo

It's now possible to change the size of your logo. There are three variants: small, medium, and big.

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🚀 New feature: Upload an app icon

An app icon will show on mobile browsers when you switch between tabs and be the icon if you bookmark your marketplace on your mobile's home screen. In other words, an app icon is for mobiles what favicons are for web browsers.

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September 2023

🚀 New feature: New "Free messaging" transaction process

It’s now possible to easily create classified ads and other listings that don’t use online payments. Instead, a transaction between a customer and a supplier starts with an initial inquiry, followed by a conversation thread where the parties can agree on the details. In the UI, the process is called “Free messaging”. When choosing “Free messaging”, you can toggle the price on and off.

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🚀 New feature: Multiple listing types

You can now easily have multiple different transaction flows in your marketplace by creating multiple listing types. You can add up to 20 listing types.

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🛠 Improvements:

  • Performance improvements to the APIs, leading to faster API response times for responses containing large amounts of data.
  • New Integration SDK, version 1.10.0, which enables GZIP compression.

August 2023

🚀 New feature: Copy no-code changes from Test to Dev environment

No-code content and configuration workflow in Flex works so that changes are made and validated in Test environment and published by copying them to Live environment. However, in order to be able to achieve a good experience for developing custom features, marketplace changes can be copied to a Dev environment too.

🚀 New feature: stockMode API endpoint
The Marketplace API and Integration API /listings/query endpoints now support a new query parameter: stockMode. This allows expressing queries such as "find all listings that either have no defined stock or are not out of stock". This can be useful in marketplaces that have both listings that use availability management (bookings) and stock.

🛠 Improvements:

  • New release for Sharetribe Web Template: v2.2.0. This adds bug fixes (most notable was with the inquiry transition, which failed on the checkout page) and more tests for pages that deal with different processes.

July 2023

🚀 New major UX improvement: New Console navigation

The Console navigation was redesigned completely to better expose the new no-code features and ensure all the most used features are easily accessible.

🚀 New feature: Keyword filter for location-based search

If you want to allow your users to search by both location and keyword, you can now enable a keyword filter on your search page if you're using location search.

🚀 New feature: Google Analytics integration

You can now analyze traffic on your site with the world's most used free analytics service.

🚀 New feature: Google Search Console integration

Google Search Console allows you to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results.

June 2023

🚀🚀🚀 First pilot users get access to the new Sharetribe 🚀🚀🚀

After 1,5 years of development, we are finally able to give the first pilot users access to our new marketplace builder. At this point, the no-code features of the new Sharetribe are still in an alpha stage, but it still allows you to create a fully functional marketplace without coding, and it comes with all the power of the developer platform you've formerly known as Sharetribe Flex.

You can now configure the following settings of your marketplace without any coding whatsoever:

  • Branding. Change marketplace color, logo, and other brand images.
  • Layout. Toggle between layout options for search and listing pages, and adjust the listing image thumbnail aspect ratio.
  • Footer. The footer section was previously hard-coded in the Template. Configure your footer in a similar way as sections on your pages.
  • Listing types. Determine the default transaction process of new listings (purchases or bookings) and further settings.
  • Listing fields. Add custom data fields to listings and use them as search filters.
  • Listing search. Configure your search type (keyword or location) and default filters (availability and price).
  • Commission. Decide the commission you want to charge from each transaction.
  • Minimum transaction size. Set a minimum price for listings to ensure that your commission will cover payment processing fees.

Before June 2023

A brief history of Sharetribe

Sharetribe launched its first product, Sharetribe Go, back in 2014. It allowed building a simple marketplace website without coding, but it was not possible to extend it with code. In 2018, Sharetribe launched its second product, Sharetribe Flex, which made it easy for developers to build unique custom marketplaces quickly, but there was no way to use it without coding skills. These two products helped thousands of founders launch their online marketplaces.

The new Sharetribe, publicly released in January 2024 after a beta period, combines the best of Sharetribe Go and Sharetribe Flex in one product. It allows you to launch a marketplace in one day, without coding, but at the same time it's possible to customize and extend your marketplace infinitely with code and scale it to any size. It's the ultimate marketplace software solution for bootstrapping but ambitious founders: it will help you take you from your first user to millions.

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