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A table top, viewed from above, with an open laptop. A person's hands are on the keys. Beside the laptop are a credit card, a smartphone, and a coffee cup that's half full of coffee milk. Or possibly black tea.

Welcome to the Sharetribe Developer Blog: a practical resource crafted for our developer community with a focus on how to build a marketplace using the Sharetribe Developer Platform.

Here you'll find all our Developer Blog Posts!

A marketplace landing page section showing four images of bicycles with details under each image. Above the images, a heading reads "Recommended listings" and an ingress reads "Check out these amazing bikes!"
Custom section components on CMS pages
Store checkout machine with a person holding the screen with one hand and a receipt with the other.
Checking out a marketplace shopping cart
Two paper bags of groceries on a wooden floor. Visible on top are apples, bagels, cabbage, bananas, and a baguette.
Showing purchased cart listings
A drawing of a flowchart on white paper on top of a wooden work area, with a manicured hand holding a marker and another hand holding down the paper.
Designing a shopping cart transaction flow
A farmer's market table full of vegetables and their price signs, with cherry tomato baskets and their price sign in the forefront.
Calculating shopping cart price
A red shopping cart in front of a brick wall with chipping yellow paint.
Building a shopping cart for a Sharetribe marketplace
A child adding grocery items to a small yellow shopping cart.
Adding items to cart
A small brass shopping cart overflowing with small vegetable parts on a soft rug, with some wooden floor visible next to the rug.
Viewing cart items
A picture shot from above, showing a computer screen, a mobile phone and a person's hands who is drawing something with a pink marker on a paper.
Sharetribe's Postman collection
A person in a brown sweater using their laptop.
Content Security Policy
A photo with an avocado cut in half.
Introducing Sharetribe's Developer Advocacy team