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Enjoy our best articles in audio! The Marketplace Academy Podcast brings the most popular Academy articles and case studies into your favorite podcast app. Listen to practical marketplace guides, learn about best practices, and hone your business strategy while going about your day.

Season 1

Practical guide to building an online marketplace

In the first season of the Marketplace Academy podcast, we walk you through starting, building, and growing your marketplace business. Episode by episode, we help you build a powerful marketplace website with the MVP mindset and launch and grow your business. 

This guide first saw the light of day as a collection of articles by marketplace experts Christóbal Gracia and Juho Makkonen. You can find these articles and many more in Marketplace Academy.

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Check out the full guide on how to build a marketplace in Marketplace Academy! The first season of the podcast is also available as a book, The Lean Marketplace.

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Book cover: The Lean Marketplace – A practical guide to building a successful marketplace business.

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