Free eBook: Insurance for Online Marketplaces


Insurance for online marketplaces is complicated.
This book provides guidance for marketplace entrepreneurs who are considering insurance for their marketplace.

Actionable advice and learnings

This book will help you determine if you should take out insurance or not, and which options are available to your marketplace.

Multiple case studies from both sides of the table

Both marketplace startups as well as different kinds of insurance providers were interviewed. Learn what they have to say and how they can work together.

All you need to know when talking to insurance providers

The book is a primer on all the key terminology that you will need to become familiar with to skillfully navigate your discussions on insurance and the sharing economy.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Hear what the experts say.

Marketplace entrepreneurs

“Getting insurance for a marketplace is not easy. This books gives much needed context and confidence for marketplace entrepreneurs.”

Lupo Westerhuis

Co-founder, Petbnb

“This book managed to collect the unique insights from the rare individuals that have first hand experience with insuring marketplaces.”

Daan Weddepohl

CEO/Founder, Peerby

“The book gives a very in-depth overview of the aspects to consider when dealing with an insurance for a marketplace and the added value it can bring to a business. Great and easy read!”

Jacob Wedderburn Day

CEO/Founder, CityStasher

Insurance professionals

“Insurance is a great way to take the uncertainty out of sharing, and Esther eloquently presents the challenges platforms have faced in the past and looks forward to the future where insurance and sharing work more collaboratively together.”

Humphrey Bowles


“I can see that many marketplace businesses will find value in this book. Its from their perspective, the CEO view. It will arm many new companies with the information necessary to enter the world of insurance with a new confidence.”

Harry Croydon

CEO, Microinsurance

Esther Val

About the Author

Esther Val has over 15 years experience working in Brussels, London and Barcelona in the areas of International Relations, Public Policy & Regulation and Public Affairs for a wide spectrum of organisations. Her current work focus is on social innovation, sharing economy and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Esther loves to research and write on inspiring topics with significant social impact potential.