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Build any kind of marketplace

No matter how unique your marketplace concept is, Sharetribe can support it.

Property rentals

Build a platform like Airbnb. Let people rent their homes, camping sites, pools, or office space.

Equipment rentals

Help people and companies bring their equipment like machines, cameras, or camping gear online to rent.

Vehicle rentals

Build a marketplace like Turo where people can rent vehicles to each other.

B2B and B2C rentals

Create a site for companies to rent spaces, vehicles, equipment, or something else to consumers or each other.

Examples of Sharetribe powered marketplaces.

Local services

Build a platform like UrbanSitter or StyleSeat and help local service providers like babysitters, cleaners, or hairdressers sell their services online.

Negotiation and bidding

Help customers get quotes from software developers, electricians or accountants like Upwork or Thumbtack.

Virtual services

Let customers book online sessions with a life coach, tutor, or a domain expert.

Events and experiences

Build a platform like GetYourGuide or ClassPass for booking seats for tours and classes. Or finding tickets to events.

Examples of Sharetribe powered marketplaces.

Selling used products

Build a second-hand platform like Depop or eBay where people can make money selling things they no longer need.

Selling digital products

Create a platform where people can access content or other digital files from creators.

B2B product marketplaces

Build a platform for complex B2B transactions that need negotiation, contracts and bulk orders.

Selling new products

Let sellers to bring their inventory online and ship products to their customers like Etsy.

Examples of Sharetribe powered marketplaces.

Classifieds and directories

Build a directory or a classified ads site like Craigslist or Gumtree with different kinds of listings in multiple categories.

Matchmaking and recruiting

Build a job board, dating site, or any other platform for finding the right match among many.

Multiflow marketplaces

Allow services, rentals, and product-selling, all in the same marketplace.

Bartering and gifting

Let your users swap things or services with each other – or give them away for free.

Examples of Sharetribe powered marketplaces.

No-code marketplace builder

Launch your business today with a flawless marketplace user experience

Developer platform

Customize your marketplace as much as you want with code

Hosted cloud infrastructure

Your platform is ready to scale when you are

Becoming a marketplace founder has never been easier

First-timers or seasoned veterans, bootstrapped or VC-funded, Sharetribe has helped thousands of founders turn their ideas into success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An online marketplace platform is a website (or sometimes a mobile app) that aggregates inventory from multiple suppliers (sellers) in one place. It also lets customers (buyers) engage in transactions with the suppliers. A transaction on a marketplace can mean a product purchase, a calendar booking, a message to request a quote, or anything else that leads to an exchange of value between the customer and the supplier. Airbnb, Uber, eBay, Amazon, and Upwork are examples of popular online marketplaces.

Sharetribe is for founders who have a marketplace idea. You and your team may be entrepreneurs looking to build the next marketplace unicorn. Or you might have a great idea for a side project. Perhaps you are an intrapreneur in a bigger organization. Maybe you want to start a non-profit or cooperative marketplace. In each case, Sharetribe's online marketplace software is for you.

If your business idea is an online marketplace for something, you can make it happen with Sharetribe's marketplace software. Your platform can be about selling products, renting items, vehicles, or spaces, or selling services. And a host of other things. Here’s a gallery of our customers where you can look for inspiration.

You start your marketplace project by answering a series of questions. Based on your answers, we'll create a test marketplace website for you. This only takes a few minutes. You can then customize the marketplace to your liking using Sharetribe's intuitive no-code marketplace website builder. Once you're happy with your marketplace, you can make it live, connect it to your own custom domain, and start inviting people to use it. You can also customize and extend your marketplace with custom code. Add any unique features or designs with Sharetribe's developer platform.

Yes. With Sharetribe's online marketplace builder, you can have a fully functional marketplace up and running in minutes. Customizing it to match your unique concept usually takes no more than a day. You don't need any coding skills. Comprehensive text and video tutorials will guide you through the setup process.

If you need help setting up your marketplace platform, Sharetribe's free email support is available seven days a week. Just send us a message at, and we’ll get back to you in no time.

The Sharetribe Build plan is $29/month with a 14-day free trial. There are no upfront fees to create an account with Sharetribe, and you can build the marketplace yourself. No coding skills are required. Once you're ready to set your marketplace live and invite actual users, you can subscribe to a live plan, which start at $99/month. If you need unique features that are not available in Sharetribe's marketplace software out of the box, you can either add those yourself with custom coding (this requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript) or hire a Sharetribe Expert or another developer to build them for you. If you hire a developer, they will charge you based on the time it takes to build what you need.

You can start your free 14-day Sharetribe trial without any payment commitment. We only ask for payment once you're ready to go live or your trial period has passed. During the trial, you have all Build plan features at your disposal. You have access to a test marketplace, which will be the basis for your eventual live platform. You can configure your settings and test your marketplace's functionality. Once you're ready to go live, you can subscribe to the Onboard, Launch, or Extend plan, depending on your needs. If you want to continue building your marketplace without going live longer than the free trial, you can subscribe to the affordable Build plan.

No. You can build your marketplace yourself. No coding skills are required to create a marketplace with Sharetribe. However, if you need a specific unique feature that is not available in Sharetribe's marketplace builder out of the box, and you're not a developer, you might need to hire a developer to build the feature for you.

You don't need to install or host anything to launch a marketplace with Sharetribe. Sharetribe's cloud hosting infrastructure takes care of hosting for you. You can either connect your own domain to your marketplace or use a default domain, [your-marketplace] If you are using Sharetribe's developer platform to add custom features, you will need to install and host the custom code you've written on your own server. This is easy and affordable, as you only need to host user interface code. The heavy lifting related to databases and business logic still happens on Sharetribe's servers. Your custom code connects to Sharetribe's servers via APIs.

Yes. Sharetribe comes with a beautiful design template that is available out of the box. However, you have full freedom to modify or even replace it with your own unique design, thanks to Sharetribe's headless approach. Sharetribe gives you full control over the user interface of your marketplace. Modifying template design requires custom development with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can either develop a new design yourself or hire a Sharetribe Expert or another developer to help you.

Yes. Sharetribe's developer platform allows you to customize and extend your marketplace platform infinitely. You can add any features, integrate any third-party services, or change your design and workflows. Making these changes requires custom development with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can either develop custom features yourself or hire a Sharetribe Expert or another developer to help you.

Yes. Sharetribe comes with a responsive marketplace website template that looks great on mobile browsers. You can also build a native mobile app. This requires custom development on top of Sharetribe's APIs using the developer platform.

Yes. Sharetribe works for any marketplace idea. If your marketplace requires lots of custom features that are unique to your concept, you will likely need to use the developer platform and custom-develop the features on top of Sharetribe's standard marketplace functionality.

Yes. Sharetribe does not limit how many users and listings you can have. Sharetribe’s hosted cloud infrastructure is optimized to ensure that your marketplace performs, regardless of how much data it has. And we maintain excellent uptime.

Yes. Sharetribe's marketplace software has been powering online marketplace businesses for over ten years. Over the years, we've built powerful safeguards against hacking attempts and DDoS attacks and follow best practices to ensure your data is safe.

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