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DAC7: What the new EU tax directive means for online marketplaces

The EU’s newest tax directive, DAC7, extends EU tax transparency rules to online marketplaces and requires reporting seller data to tax authorities. In this article, we share more about what DAC7 is and how marketplace founders can prepare for it.

by Katri Antikainen

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The best marketplaces run on commission

Sharetribe studied how the top 100 marketplaces of 2021 make money. Our findings can help entrepreneurs determine the best strategies to monetize their platform. 

by Sjoerd Handgraaf & Katri Antikainen

Marketplace Glossary: a stack of colorful books on a blue background
Starting a marketplace

The complete marketplace glossary

Your lexicon to the world of marketplaces.

by Katri Antikainen

Marketplace community-building playbook – Julia Wadehn, COO of PaulCamper
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PaulCamper’s community-building playbook for marketplaces

PaulCamper's COO Julia Wadehn shares her best marketplace community-building strategies and explains how they have helped boost PaulCamper's growth.

by Katri Antikainen

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