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The Quiver

By Rob Bonvetti
Success stories

Rob Bonvetti used to have a finance job on Wall Street.
But a few years back he decided it was time for something different.
He wanted to do something he truly loved for a living.

“The Quiver helps people rent quality boards from other surfers.”

Rob experienced a revelation after trying out Airbnb a couple of times. "The peer-to-peer rental model was a great experience. In my previous job I was fascinated with marketplaces and matching supply & demand, so I immediately started to think of ways the Airbnb model could be applied to other things."

An avid surfer, Rob soon realized the solution was right in front of him. Surfboards are valuable items, and they are tricky and expensive to carry with you while traveling, so there is a large number of surfers who could benefit from short-term board rentals. Meanwhile, many active surfers own multiple boards, many of which spend a lot of time gathering dust in the garage. They would surely be interested in monetizing their idle assets.

Rob knew the surfing market inside out and now had a clear business plan. He would set up a marketplace site where surfers could list their boards for rent. Booking and payment would happen through the site, and Rob would charge a commission from each payment transaction.

He had only one problem.
He didn't know how to build such a marketplace site.

"I reached out to a few developers, but the numbers they were quoting to build the site from scratch were cost prohibitive. It seemed like a dead end. That's when I discovered Sharetribe."

With the Sharetribe Go platform, Rob was able to get his idea going for a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer. "Sharetribe Go allowed me to build a minimum viable product and to start testing my concept right away. Without Sharetribe Go, I would have never been able to do this."

Rob has been particularly happy with Sharetribe's level of customer support. "They are able to address any issues that pop up and are always really responsive. I can just focus on building my community."

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