• Fittcoach

    by Nauman Hafeez and Samad Bhimani

Nauman Hafeez and Samad Bhimani want to improve the health and wellness industry. The influx of users to their marketplace, Fittcoach, shows they are on the right track.

“We want to help our clients achieve their fitness goals in a way that is flexible, affordable, convenient, and most importantly…fun!”

Nauman Hafeez and Samad Bhimani were both into fitness from a very young age. Getting started, they came across the same problem: finding personal training was hard.

“The health and wellness industry is crowded, but information is difficult to find,” Nauman explains.

“Before we could hire a personal trainer, we had to listen to a gym’s hour-long sales pitch. What is more, these gyms gave us very little say about the trainer we’d get. So, we got locked into expensive contracts with trainers we didn’t know and with whom we hadn’t had a test run.”

The realization lead Nauman and Samad to a business idea: a marketplace for finding personal trainers and other health and wellness professionals. The founders launched the MVP version of Fittocoach quickly with Sharetribe Go.

Launching Fittcoach fast proved to be the right choice. Nauman and Samad soon noticed they hadn’t been the only ones frustrated with the fitness industry.

“The supply-side gained a lot more traction than we had expected. Applications started pouring in! It turned out personal trainers didn’t want to be tied to a gym either. They preferred to build their own online presence instead.”

To deal with the influx of personal trainer applications, Nauman and Samad set up a rigorous recruitment process. They onboarded a flagship supply of the best personal trainers in Montreal and Quebec, Canada. After that, finding customers was a matter of simple digital and word-of-mouth marketing.

“Our personal trainers have great social media accounts and often do their own promoting. The Fittcoach team focuses most on customer retention. Our customers should feel they’re getting VIP service from start to finish.”

After a successful launch in October 2018, Fittcoach has gained impressive traction fast. The most popular providers on the platform are already accepting dozens of bookings every month and earning thousands of dollars. The 7-person Fittcoach team now works on growing the successful concept regionally and vertically. The offering will soon expand to sports coaching, virtual training, and nutrition services.

To support their growth, the founders have moved their platform from Sharetribe Go to Sharetribe Flex.

“Flex allows us to build our core offerings further. We can develop a custom marketplace app and give our customers and trainers the best possible experience,” Nauman explains.

“Sharetribe has been a great partner. Their software and expertise have helped us develop a stable and robust marketplace business.”

Nauman and Samad’s ultimate goal is to become the leading name in the health and wellness service industry.

“I'll know we've made it when the word ‘fittcoach’ becomes synonymous with ‘personal trainer’,” says Nauman.

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