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  • Unlimited traffic, listings & images
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Support 7 days a week
  • Add your own Custom script



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  • All the Hobby plan features
  • Use your own domain
  • Use your own outgoing email address
  • Remove all Sharetribe branding
  • Customize the footer

*Best plan to kickstart your business!



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  • All the Pro plan features



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  • All the Growth plan features

Add-on: Custom Landing Page - $99/mo.

Add a beautiful home page and engage your visitors the moment they arrive on your marketplace. Define the layout of your landing page from a set of building blocks.

  1. About the Sharetribe Go pricing
  2. Hosting, maintenance, backups, and updates are included in your Go plan. When new Go features are released, your marketplace is automatically updated.
  3. Sharetribe doesn't take any fee from transactions. However, payment gateway fees apply and are usually around 3%–4%. Learn more about transactions fees.
  4. Currency is USD (U.S. Dollar). Prices do not include VAT. If you are an individual in the EU or a company in Finland, the VAT of your country will be added to the price. In other cases, paying VAT is not necessary.
  5. We offer a special 25% discount to registered non-profits and steward-owned companies on all plans. Contact us for more information.
  6. Above 100,000 users, another Scale plan is charged per 100,000 users. For example for up to 200,000 users, the price with a semiannual billing is $478 per month ($239 × 2).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be there to help?


Definitely, yes! The support team will answer all your questions within 24 hours, often way faster. We will help you get the most out of Sharetribe Go.

What is included in the free trial?


The free trial lets you try out all the features of the Hobby plan. Pro plan features like removing Sharetribe branding or customizing the domain, footer, or outgoing email address are not available during the free trial. If you choose to upgrade to the Pro plan during the free trial, the billing period will start straight away.

Can I use my own outgoing email address?


By default, emails from your marketplace are sent from In all paid plans excluding the Hobby plan, you can use your own email address (e.g. instead.

Who counts as a user?


The number of users included in Sharetribe Go plans means the number of user accounts created on your marketplace. Anyone can browse your marketplace without having to create an account. In order to buy or sell something, a user account needs to be created.

What does "your own domain" mean?


By default, the URL address of your marketplace is "". However, you may use your own domain (e.g. instead. This feature is available in all paid plans except for the Hobby plan.

Are there any additional costs besides the Go subscription fee that I should be aware of?


If you handle transactions on your marketplace through the payment gateways integrations (Stripe and/or PayPal), the payment gateway will charge you some fees. Learn more about transactions fees .

What if I need more features, integrations or customizations?


Sharetribe Go is great to get started fast, but some marketplaces need more flexibility out of the box. With Sharetribe Flex, you can design and develop your unique user experience. Compare Go and Flex to choose the right solution for you.

What happens if I want to leave?


If you are not satisfied with Sharetribe Go, you are free to leave at any point. We will export all your data for you along with instructions on how set up Sharetribe Go on your own server. There are no lock-ins with Sharetribe.

Can I get a refund of my subscription payment?


You can cancel your subscription at any point before the next renewal date. If you cancel after the renewal date, your subscription will remain active until the next renewal date. Sharetribe does not provide refunds by default. However, we understand that life happens and some extraordinary circumstances may warrant a refund. If you feel your case deserves re-assessment, please contact us. We will be happy to review and discuss your case.

Is Sharetribe suitable for enterprise businesses?


Absolutely. We are already serving several large international corporations and even some Fortune 500 companies. You can read more about our enterprise offering here.

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