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Launch a marketplace website today. Sharetribe Go gets you a professional marketplace platform that is easy to set up, maintain, manage, and grow. Without writing a single line of code.

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Create a marketplace in minutes

Go gives you a comprehensive marketplace feature set out of the box. Add your marketplace details, adjust the look & feel, and you have a professional platform up and running.

"I launched my marketplace in one evening with Go."
Mike Williams, Founder of Studiotime

Tablet screen showing Sharetribe Go admin panel in 'Get started' view with six steps to complete.
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Online business without coding

Monitor, manage, and grow your online marketplace business without writing any code. Sharetribe hosts, maintains and improves your platform for you. Exciting new marketplace features are added to Go regularly.

"Go is easy to use and the customer support is excellent."
Chris Evans, Founder of Quipmo

Adaptable to your idea

Let your users rent or sell goods, spaces, or services online. Whether you're starting a niche peer-to-peer platform or dreaming of a global B2B business, Go has the features you need to get your idea out into the world.

"Sharetribe offers the right features at the right time."
Raphaëlle de Monteynard, Founder of Swimmy

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Marketplace website essentials

Let your users create profiles, list their offering, interact with each other, and make online payments. Go makes sure your marketplace website is smooth and enjoyable for both the providers and the customers of your marketplace.

Order flow for any marketplace type (rentals, services, products)


Renting or selling? Services, spaces, or products? Use Go to power any kind of marketplace idea. You can also have multiple order flows for different types of purchases. Your users can be individuals, businesses, or both.

Profiles & listings


Every user on your marketplace has a profile page, complete with their bio, listings, and reviews. Creating engaging listings is easy: users can add their pricing, description, location, and multiple photos. All this user-generated content is, naturally, under your control.

Availability & bookings


Providers can specify their listing availability per day, per night, or per hour. Customers can view a listings' availability on the listing calendar. Go's booking system prevents double-bookings and ensures users are happy to transact on your marketplace again and again.

Search engine and filtering


A great search experience is a must for any marketplace. Go's advanced filtering and categorization tools mean customers can search for their ideal listing based on location, price, keyword—or any other category you have set up.

Payments & commission


Accept payments from 200+ countries and in 25+ currencies with Go's built-in payment system. Make your users feel secure by paying sellers only after the booking is completed. Earn your commission from each transaction automatically. Go offers Stripe and PayPal as payment providers.

Reviews & interaction


You control how your users communicate. Let them exchange messages at any stage in the transaction, or block direct messages completely. Have your users review each other after a transaction to build trust within your marketplace community.

Multiple signup options


Let your users sign up to your marketplace as quickly as possible with their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google accounts. Or use a signup form and collect custom information about your users. Sharetribe Go is GDPR compliant.

Mobile friendly


Your Go marketplace is guaranteed to look and work great on any device.

Full control at every turn

Whatever happens on your marketplace, you can monitor and moderate it with Go's admin tools.

Tracking & managing


Transactions, messages, listings, reviews — your Admin panel shows what goes on in your marketplace. Spot something that needs action? Use Go's admin tools to manage and moderate your marketplace.

Control access


Enable invite-only signup or give access to anyone. Choose who can and cannot post new listings. Ban users if they act against your terms. Share the work and give admin access to your team members.

Your concept, your brand

Adjust the user experience. Serve your specific audience. Communicate the look and feel of your brand.

White label design


Create a distinguishable marketplace brand. Add custom branding like logos, cover photos, colors, and a custom domain and email address. Use custom CSS to make even more adjustments to the look and feel of your marketplace.

Languages & currencies


Sharetribe Go is available in 20 languages thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers. You can add as many languages to your marketplace as you want. Go's payment system works in 200+ countries and supports 25+ currencies.

Spreading the word

Go's marketing tools help you keep track of your channels and boost your growth.

Analytics & marketing


Integrate Google Analytics to your marketplace to understand your traffic channels. Encourage social sharing, send marketing email, or link your blog for content marketing.



Your Go marketplace is developed according to search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. Let Go's automatic common tags help you rank in search results or customize title and description tags freely.

Ready for the next step

With Go, you can grow without concern about the future.

No lock-in


From the day you start using Sharetribe Go, the data and code are yours to keep. You can download Go's codebase for free and install it on your own web server.

Easy transition to Flex


As your marketplace business grows, you may need more features, customizations, or integrations. At that point, it's easy to move your data and users to from Go to Sharetribe Flex. Flex lets you custom-develop your marketplace freely – at a fraction of the cost of building and hosting your own platform.

Priced based on your business size

Try Go for free for 30 days and create your marketplace website. Then choose the best plan for your idea and budget – pricing only goes up when your business grows. No lock-in, no hidden fees, no credit card needed.

Billing period




per month



  • Unlimited traffic, listings & images
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Support 7 days a week
  • Add your own Custom script



per month



  • All the Hobby plan features
  • Use your own domain
  • Use your own outgoing email address
  • Remove all Sharetribe branding
  • Customize the footer

*Best plan to kickstart your business!



per month



  • All the Pro plan features



per month



  • All the Growth plan features

Add-on: Custom Landing Page - $99/mo.

Add a beautiful home page and engage your visitors the moment they arrive on your marketplace. Define the layout of your landing page from a set of building blocks.

  1. About the Sharetribe Go pricing
  2. Hosting, maintenance, backups, and updates are included in your Go plan. When new Go features are released, your marketplace is automatically updated.
  3. Sharetribe doesn't take any fee from transactions. However, payment gateway fees apply and are usually around 3%–4%. Learn more about transactions fees.
  4. Currency is USD (U.S. Dollar). Prices do not include VAT. If you are an individual in the EU or a company in Finland, the VAT of your country will be added to the price. In other cases, paying VAT is not necessary.
  5. We offer a special 25% discount to registered non-profits and steward-owned companies on all plans. Contact us for more information.
  6. Above 100,000 users, another Scale plan is charged per 100,000 users. For example for up to 200,000 users, the price with a semiannual billing is $478 per month ($239 × 2).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be there to help?


Definitely, yes! The support team will answer all your questions within 24 hours, often way faster. We will help you get the most out of Sharetribe Go.

What is included in the free trial?


The free trial lets you try out all the features of the Hobby plan. Pro plan features like removing Sharetribe branding or customizing the domain, footer, or outgoing email address are not available during the free trial. If you choose to upgrade to the Pro plan during the free trial, the billing period will start straight away.

Can I use my own outgoing email address?


By default, emails from your marketplace are sent from In all paid plans excluding the Hobby plan, you can use your own email address (e.g. instead.

Who counts as a user?


The number of users included in Sharetribe Go plans means the number of user accounts created on your marketplace. Anyone can browse your marketplace without having to create an account. In order to buy or sell something, a user account needs to be created.

What does "your own domain" mean?


By default, the URL address of your marketplace is "". However, you may use your own domain (e.g. instead. This feature is available in all paid plans except for the Hobby plan.

Are there any additional costs besides the Go subscription fee that I should be aware of?


If you handle transactions on your marketplace through the payment gateways integrations (Stripe and/or PayPal), the payment gateway will charge you some fees. Learn more about transactions fees .

What if I need more features, integrations or customizations?


Sharetribe Go is great to get started fast, but some marketplaces need more flexibility out of the box. With Sharetribe Flex, you can design and develop your unique user experience. Compare Go and Flex to choose the right solution for you.

What happens if I want to leave?


If you are not satisfied with Sharetribe Go, you are free to leave at any point. We will export all your data for you along with instructions on how set up Sharetribe Go on your own server. There are no lock-ins with Sharetribe.

Can I get a refund of my subscription payment?


You can cancel your subscription at any point before the next renewal date. If you cancel after the renewal date, your subscription will remain active until the next renewal date. Sharetribe does not provide refunds by default. However, we understand that life happens and some extraordinary circumstances may warrant a refund. If you feel your case deserves re-assessment, please contact us. We will be happy to review and discuss your case.

Is Sharetribe suitable for enterprise businesses?


Absolutely. We are already serving several large international corporations and even some Fortune 500 companies. You can read more about our enterprise offering here.

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