Introducing The New Sharetribe

Our new marketplace builder replaces Sharetribe Go as the easiest, fastest way to build a marketplace. Launch a marketplace in a day without coding. Extend with code. Scale to any size.

Here’s what’s new, completely out of the box

The New Sharetribe combines the best parts of our two products: the ease of use and speed of Sharetribe Go and the flexibility and scalability of Sharetribe Flex.

A sample landing page for a local marketplace in Lapland. Overlaid on top is a map with price bubbles and two booking forms: one for fat bike tours and another where a hotel is looking for a chef.

Stunning new design

Enjoy Sharetribe’s fantastic new look and feel.

  • Choose your marketplace layout from beautiful options.
  • Add unique brand elements and images.
  • The design looks great on all screens.

› Learn more about layout and branding

The landing page of a sample bike rental marketplace, overlaid with a video box, a blog thumbnail, and the Pages feature in Console, where you edit content.

Content you control

Create content that’s unique to your marketplace.

  • Create a landing page – without paying for add-ons.
  • Add any number of content pages.
  • Create a simple blog for content marketing.
  • Edit the content of automatic email notifications.
  • Edit even the smallest texts in your marketplace to fit your language and style.
  • Optimize your content for search engines and social media with meta tags.

› Learn more about content management

The search results page on a sample bike rental marketplace. There's a map next to a grid of available bikes. Overlaid is a search filter selection and the layout options in Console, where the operator chooses between a map view and a grid view.

Versatile search experience

Customize the search experience to your marketplace’s needs.

  • Choose a search page layout: map and listings on location-based marketplaces. Listings in a grid for others.
  • Choose the listing thumbnail aspect ratio.
  • Search by availability, sort by price, and use filters to instantly update search results.
The listing creation flow, open on the details page. The supplier is filling in a bike name, description, and accessories. After details, they will fill in location, pricing, availability, and photos. Overlaid is the thumbnail for the finished listing.

Streamlined listing creation

Creating a listing has never been smoother.

  • Suppliers can create listings before verifying their email.
  • Enjoy the smooth step-by-step listing creation. Let suppliers post listings on your platform to facilitate transactions.
  • Suppliers can create draft listings and finish them later.

› Learn more about essential marketplace features

Beautiful listing pages

Listing pages now come with layout options and reviews.

  • Choose the best listing layout for your marketplace: cover photo or image carousel.
  • View full-sized images in a lightbox.
  • Display reviews on the listing page to increase trust.
The pricing and stock step in the t-shirt listing creation flow. The supplier has added 80 items in stock. Overlaid is a purchase form for the same t-shirt. Someone is about to buy two t-shirts.

Built-in inventory management

Building a product marketplace with Sharetribe has never been easier.

  • Inventory management is available out of the box.
  • Choose between single-item inventory (great for pre-owned and unique items) and user-defined inventory (for multiple products).
  • Inventory is updated automatically when items are sold.
Three images of a cozy cottage with a fireplace. The interior is modern, and big windows open to beautiful snowy and autumn days. Overlaid with the availability management and availability exception features from the listing creation flow.

Powerful availability management

For time-based bookings, Sharetribe offers even more flexibility than before.

  • Suppliers set their default availability for each weekday or hour.
  • Suppliers can manage their schedules by adding day and hour-specific availability exceptions to their listings.
  • Customers can search listings by availability.
The checkout page for a yoga class booking with billing details. Overlaid on top is the booking form for the yoga class and boxes showing the accepted currencies and credit cards.

Streamlined checkout

The streamlined transaction process makes bookings and purchases smoother than ever.

  • Email verification is asked only after purchase.
  • If an item is in stock, purchases are accepted automatically.
  • Customers can store credit card details and billing addresses for future purchases.
A user's page with an image, description, listings they've added, and reviews from customers. Overlaid on top is a box where someone is giving the user another glowing five-star review.

Five-star reviews

Build trust through an industry-standard review system.

  • One-to-five star ratings bring granularity to review scores.
  • Double-blind reviews prevent feedback extortion. Reviews are only published once both parties have reviewed or the review period is over.
  • User profiles feature reviews both as a customer and as a supplier.
The landing page for a sample t-shirt marketplace. Overlaid on top are logos for some companies with pre-built Sharetribe integrations: Lemonado, Marketbase, ShopSync, and Zapier.

Power up your marketplace with pre-built integrations

Integrate apps and transfer data automatically without coding.

  • Add map features through Mapbox or Google Maps.
  • Analyze your traffic and search performance with leading tools, Plausible or Google Analytics.
  • Connect your marketplace to thousands of other apps with Zapier.
  • Get analytics dashboards, social media integrations, and automatic marketplace moderation with integrations from Sharetribe’s partners.

› Learn more pre-built integrations.

A sample landing page for a yoga class marketplace. Overlaid on top is the logo for Google Search Console and the SEO tab of the Pages feature in Console. Here, the operator can define meta tags for search engines and social media.

Optimize your platform for search engines

Use Sharetribe’s built-in tools and flexible Pages feature to make sure search engines – and potential users – find your marketplace.

  • Create keyword-targeted pages under your main domain.
  • Add your Google Search Console tag without touching code.
  • Get an automatically generated sitemap with 10,000 most recent listings and all custom content pages.
Sharetribe Console, open to the listing management page. Overlaid on top are two boxes where the operator is taking actions: closing a listing and approving a listing.

World-class marketplace management tools

Manage your marketplace in Console.

  • Edit and manage user and listing information.
  • Verify emails on behalf of users.
  • Log in as a user to offer a white-glove experience or trouble-shoot issues.
  • Take transaction steps on behalf of your users.
  • Cancel and refund transactions when necessary.
  • Filter draft listings and contact people who didn’t finish them.

› Learn more about marketplace management tools.

The Console "Copy changes to another environment" modal. Overlaid is also an environment picker. The operator can work on their marketplace in test, dev, or live environments.

Preview your changes before publishing

Make adjustments to your marketplace and preview them before publishing.

  • Save and preview work-in-progress changes in the Test environment.
  • Once you’re happy with your changes, publish them to your users.

Customize as much as you want with code

Never get blocked by software. Extend your marketplace infinitely with Sharetribe’s developer platform yourself, or hire a Verified Sharetribe Expert.

Code in a browser

Code on top of your no-code marketplace

Never worry about changing platforms or migrating data. Launch your marketplace fully no-code. As you learn what your users want start adding custom features and design to Sharetribe's open-source marketplace template with code.

A monitor with code and an image

Change the design exactly the way you want

Customize the design of your marketplace to match your unique brand or build a native mobile app. Keep it connected to Sharetribe’s powerful backend our headless marketplace solution and manage your marketplace in Console.

Three linked circles

Integrate any third-party service or custom backend

Develop complex custom integrations using Sharetribe's Integration API, Events, and Single sign-on features. Add social logins, sync with third-party platforms, build automated workflows, and more.

A handshake

Build unique user journeys and transaction flows

Use customizable data schema and Sharetribe’s flexible transaction engine to build the exact user journeys your marketplace needs.

The best of Sharetribe Go and Sharetribe Flex in one product

Sharetribe Go

Sharetribe Flex

The New Sharetribe

Launch without coding 

Extend indefinitely

Scale to any size

Pricing that makes sense from your first user to millions.

Sharetribe's plans are designed to support you in every stage of your marketplace business journey.

Build: 14-day free trial. After that, $29/month.

Lite: Starts at $99/month. For launching a simple marketplace website to test your idea.

Pro: Starts at $199/month. For launching and running a professional marketplace business.

Extend: Starts at $299/month. For creating a unique design and custom features with code.

Learn more about the plans and what's included at Sharetribe pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sharetribe Go is Sharetribe’s original marketplace software product, launched in 2014. Thousands of marketplaces have been built on Go over the past decade when it served as Sharetribe’s no-code builder. Now, it’s time for Sharetribe Go to take a backseat as The New Sharetribe becomes our one and only marketplace software.

Sharetribe’s earlier products, Sharetribe Go and Sharetribe Flex, were tools for founders at different stages in their marketplace journey. Go was a way to create a marketplace quickly and without coding. Flex allowed you to build a fully custom marketplace faster and cheaper than building a similar platform from scratch. Over time, we noticed that many of our customers were between these two stages: needing customization beyond what Go offered but not quite ready to take on a custom Flex development project. The New Sharetribe bridges the gap between Go and Flex. You can launch quickly without coding but can also add custom features or change your design. Without changing platforms or migrating data.

If you’re operating a Sharetribe Go marketplace, there’s no need to worry. You can still keep running your marketplace on Go. The software will keep operating as before for existing customers for the foreseeable future and get all necessary security updates and maintenance. However, we will no longer add any new features to Go, and no new Sharetribe Go marketplaces can be created.

You can create an account with The New Sharetribe free of charge. You automatically get a 14-day free trial of the Build plan, after which you can subscribe, starting at $29/month. You only need a live plan, starting at $99/month, once you’re ready to invite actual users.

If you’d like to move your marketplace to The New Sharetribe from Sharetribe Go, contact us through the chat widget in your Admin panel. We’re happy to talk you through the details and assist you with migrating your data. In our documentation on migrating from Sharetribe Go to The New Sharetribe, you can find out which data can and cannot be migrated.

Moving your marketplace to The New Sharetribe is completely optional: if you wish to stay in Sharetribe Go, you can! However, we still recommend founders who operate Go marketplaces consider moving to The New Sharetribe. It’s the best way to ensure your marketplace runs with our latest and greatest features and receives all future updates. We’re happy to help you with the data migration process. 

Like Sharetribe Go, The New Sharetribe has been built to enable founders to build and launch a marketplace fast, without any coding. The New Sharetribe beats Sharetribe Go in flexibility and has a gorgeous design. Still, it does not have the exact same feature set as Sharetribe Go. One of the biggest differences between Sharetribe Go and The New Sharetribe is that the latter does not support PayPal payments out of the box. Sharetribe Go’s PayPal integration is a legacy feature that PayPal, unfortunately, no longer offers for new platforms. It is possible to integrate PayPal or another payment provider of your choice into The New Sharetribe, but this requires custom development. Payments through Stripe are available in The New Sharetribe by default.

We have a great feature index at Sharetribe features. We're also happy to answer any questions you might have about features or anything else related to Sharetribe Go or The New Sharetribe at

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