Compare Sharetribe vs. Mirakl

What is the best marketplace software, Sharetribe or Mirakl? This article helps you compare things like pricing, features, and scalability – and find the best marketplace builder for you.

Mirakl focuses on helping large retailers add a marketplace to their existing e-commerce offering. Its main competitive advantage is the number of integrations it has to existing e-commerce solutions. Mirakl also offers comprehensive tooling for large enterprises. The pricing reflects this: Mirakl's price point makes the solution inaccessible for most startups and small businesses.

For an entrepreneur (or an intrapreneur) looking to launch a new marketplace, Sharetribe is a better option. Sharetribe lets you launch your platform quickly and with an extremely low budget. It also allows you to scale your marketplace and add an infinite amount of unique features without breaking the bank.

In terms of marketplace type, Mirakl can be a great Sharetribe alternative if you're building the next Amazon or Alibaba – and if you can afford the price. Mirakl focuses heavily on B2C and B2B e-commerce, where physical products are being shipped and sold. If you're building a peer-to-peer product marketplace like Etsy or eBay, a rental platform like Airbnb, or a platform dealing with complex services like Fiverr or Rover, Sharetribe's functionality likely matches your needs better.

The table below helps you compare Mirakl with Sharetribe.



Dedicated marketplace solution

How to get started
  • Contact Mirakl by filling a form on their site
  • Sign up to Sharetribe
  • Set up your marketplace
  • Buy a custom domain
  • Launch your marketplace
Built-in marketplace features

Time to launch

4 months on average

1 day

  • Not disclosed*

*Pricing based on subscription and a percentage of GMV

  • Build plan $29/month
  • Live plans start at $99/month
Free trial

Demo available upon request

  • 14 days for Build plan
Technical skills needed

Medium to high

  • Development skills needed to take Mirakl into use
  • Mid- to high-level skills needed for custom-developing features and integrations
  • Backend hosting, performance, maintenance, backups, and updates included at any scale

Low to medium

  • No coding skills needed
  • Easy to customize and set up in Console
  • Hosting, performance, maintenance, backups, and updates included at any scale
  • Customization and integrations possible with code and self-hosting

Self-hosting your frontend is possible


Performance monitoring


Custom development



Main programming language

Use the tech stack of your choice

  • React, Redux, CSS
  • For self-hosted, use the tech stack of your choice
Supports building a mobile app



No information available*

*The help you need can be specified in Mirakl's contact form

  • Sharetribe support
  • Developer support
Key benefits

+ Advanced features and services for large companies who want to expand their offering to marketplaces

+ Integrations with other eCommerce solutions

+ Modular architecture

+ Very fast to launch

+ Very easy to use

+ Seamless user experience that keeps improving

+ Effortless to maintain

+ Advanced features for rental marketplaces like Airbnb, service marketplaces like Fiverr, and product marketplaces like Etsy

+ Dedicated support for non-technical founders and developer

+ Unlimited scalability

+ Enjoyable developer experience

+ Easy to build a mobile app

Key drawbacks

- Not aimed at startups or small businesses (focus on enterprise marketplaces)

- Significantly more expensive than Sharetribe

- Not suited for building peer-to-peer marketplaces or rental marketplaces

- No no-code alternative; always requires development work or hiring a developer

- Longer average launch time than with Sharetribe (4 months)

- Supports fewer payment gateways and business models out of the box

- Less functionality for online mall-type product platforms out of the box

- Building custom functionality and integrations requires coding skills (or hiring a verified Sharetribe Expert)

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