Third party services used at Sharetribe

Here are the lists of third party services used at Sharetribe to store or handle some user data.
Last updated: February, 16th 2021.

List of services used at Sharetribe

Corporate location mentioned after the name of the service.

  • Airbrake, USA
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services, US East data center and EU)
  • Chargebee, USA (only for Sharetribe's paying customers, not end-users)
  • Convox, USA
  • Github, USA
  • Google Workspace, Google Maps Platform, Google Analytics and Google Tag manager, USA
  • Imgix, USA
  • Intercom, USA
  • Kissmetrics, USA
  • Loggly, USA
  • Mailchimp, USA (only for customers and prospects, not end-users)
  • NewRelic, USA
  • OpsGenie, USA
  • PayPal, USA
  • SendGrid, USA
  • Sentry, USA
  • Stripe, USA
  • Typeform, USA

List of cookies and tracking service used in

AdWords pixel (for online ads and tracking their performance):

  • Doubleclick (part of the AdWords pixel)
  • Google Adwords Conversion Tracking
  • Google Adwords User lists (part of the above)
  • Google Dynamic Remarketing

Facebook (for FB Connect login):

  • Facebook Connect

Google Analytics (for analytics and retargeting ads):

  • GA Audiences
  • Google Analytics

Other cookies:

  • Google reCAPTCHA (abuse and fraud protection)
  • Hotjar (User session tracking for usability improvements)
  • Smartlook (User session tracking for usability improvements)
  • KissMetrics analytics (for analytics)
  • Refersion (for affiliate marketing)
  • Intercom (for customer support)
  • Google Tag Manager (for analytics)
  • TypeKit (for webfonts)

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