Sharetribe Flex Roadmap (last updated December 17th, 2019)

Now (we're working on this)

Stripe Capabilities and Managed Onboarding

Stripe has introduced a new feature called Capabilities to help platforms manage complex KYC and AML requirements. This feature will help make sure that when you onboard providers and they create Stripe accounts on your platform, you collect all the information that is required due to the KYC and AML regulation.

The Sharetribe Flex API update will add support for capabilities. We are also working on tools to improve the provider onboarding process in Flex Template for Web. The goal is to create an onboarding process and an account information update process that won’t require extensive integration changes whenever regulations change or Stripe's API updates.

The Stripe update will also mean your existing providers may need to update their information. Stripe has set deadlines for integrations to react to these changes. Those are 20th of Fedbruary, 2020 for US customers and 31st of March, 2020 for the rest of the world. This update will be ready well ahead of the deadlines, so you will have time to update your integrations with Flex.

Next (will likely start in 0-2 months)

  • Connectivity

Update users and listings via an API as a marketplace operator

Sometimes you might want to programmatically update the data of user or a listing in a way that they won't be able to adjust this same data themselves. Example use cases include an integration that verifies the identity of the user, or storing the count of how many times a listing has been viewed or the response rate of the user. This feature enables these use cases.

Integration API
  • Developer tools

View a log of API activity

When you're developing your marketplace, it would be helpful to see a list of API calls that you've initiated, and which of them failed, in order to better debug issues. This feature makes development easier by exposing a log of Flex API commands.


Later (no timeline estimate yet)

  • Connectivity

Access a log of recent events via an API

Many integrations require you to monitor activity in your marketplace and send information about it to third party services. As an example, if a user sends a message to another, you might want to call a third party service to send an SMS to the recipient. Or, if a new user signs up, you might want to automatically send their email to your marketing automation tool. This feature allows you to monitor the activity in your marketplace via an API from your own backend, and take actions based on these events.

Integration API
  • Search

Filter search by time-based availability

Today it's possible to filter listings that used day-based availability. However, this search doesn't return listings that use time-based (hourly) availaibility. This feature adds support for filtering the search to include listings that use time-based availability.

Marketplace API
Flex Template Web
  • Managing

Improved search experience in Console

It should be easy to find users by their name or email and listings by their title from Console. Several other filters would also help finding the correct users, listings or transactions.
  • Connectivity

Support for social logins and single sign-on

Right now Flex requires all users to sign up with email and password. This improvement adds the ability to build alternative logins, like social logins (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, etc), or building a single sign-on that allows the user to use same credentials for Flex and for your own custom backend.

Marketplace API