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marketplace solution.

Sharetribe Flex is the best way to build your sharing economy platform. It is the only solution designed for the entire lifecycle of your business, not just the launch.

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Building a platform is process, not a project.

Building a platform is
a process, not a project.

The launch is only the beginning. Sharetribe Flex helps you release your Minimum Viable Platform quickly. After launch, Flex helps you constantly adapt your platform as you learn from your users.

P.S. Our CEO, Juho, also wrote a book about building online marketplaces.

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Sharetribe Flex features and structure.

You own the
user experience...

Flexible Booking Flow

Be in charge of how your providers & customers interact with your own booking flow.

Customize your UI & UX

Build a website or a mobile app. Use our easily customizable open source template apps or start from scratch.

Expand on demand

Get what you need out of the box. Build the rest yourself. Feel free to use the programming language of your choice.

Make it unique

Adjust the visual elements and design of the platform to match your brand.

...while we do
the heavy lifting.

Comprehensive feature set

Search engine, messaging, availability and scheduling, payments, reviews, notifications – all the essential marketplace features.

Tools to grow

Moderation, user management, analytics – all the tools you need as a marketplace operator.

Full concierge service

Don't worry about hosting, scaling, security, compliance, software updates, backups, or other boring stuff. We do it for you.

Complete connectivity

Integrate third party software or your own backend. Getting data in and out of the platform is simple.

What is Sharetribe Flex?

Flex is the fastest and most affordable way to set up a powerful platform that is uniquely yours. Your Flex platform consists of the following components.

Your marketplace website or app

The customer-facing part of your marketplace, also referred to as the “front-end”. To hit the ground running, you can start tweaking our ready-made Flex Template for Web (FTW), built with React.js. Alternatively, you can build the user interface of your marketplace website or app completely from scratch, using the programming language of your choice.

The Marketplace API

The core of Flex. It provides all the crucial features to run your marketplace. For instance, it automates user management, provides tools for listing creation and searching, powers the transaction process in your marketplace, and much more. It comes with a JavaScript Software Development Kit (SDK) for easy interaction with the API.

The Console

This enables your day-to-day management of the marketplace. It shows the users, listings, transactions and reviews that are happening on the platform, and allows you to monitor and moderate all activity.

Studiotime is built on Sharetribe Flex
Mike from Studiotime

Studiotime, the “Airbnb for record studios”, is the world’s largest studio marketplace. It has 5% of all the record studios in the world listed in its platform.

“Sharetribe Flex allows me to build Studiotime just the way I want, both in web and mobile, for 10% of the time and cost investment compared to building it from scratch.”

Mike Williams, CEO, Studiotime

Flex is designed to be an optimal fit for rental and service marketplaces.

Service and rental marketplaces share the same set of core features which Flex manages out of the box.

User management
Listing management
Location search
Booking & scheduling
Online payment
Booking calendar
And a lot more!

Flex offers a large and comprehensive set of features that make it easy for you to build your unique platform. New features are added on a weekly basis. You can see what we're currently working on from the public Flex roadmap. On top of these, your developers can build features completely unique to your marketplace, just the way you want them.

Let us know if we are missing something - our ears and eyes are always open for new ideas! :-)

“With Sharetribe Go, we were able to test our idea quickly and with a small budget. Now that we've validated our concept, Sharetribe Flex helps us take our business to the next level.”

Krista Pohjanlehto, CEO, Kinspiring

Kinspiring is built on Sharetribe Flex
Krista from Kinspiring

Kinspiring is Finland's largest
peer-to-peer marketplace for renting strollers and other baby gear from other parents. Their goal is to be the global leader in baby gear rentals.

Flex starts at $329 per month,
which includes:

  • Full access to the Flex API and documentation
  • Access to the Console
  • Flex Template for Web*
  • Premium support from the Sharetribe Team
  • All future updates on API & Flex Template for Web
  • Transaction volume of $30,000 per month without transaction fees

If your transaction volume exceeds $30,000 per month, we charge a 1% fee for this additional volume. As an example, if your volume is $100,000 per month, your fee would be $329 + 1% * $70,000 = $1,029 per month.

Does your marketplace have a monthly transaction volume in the millions? We got you covered! Get in touch to discuss a volume discount.

*On top of the Flex subscription, you will host your own customized version of Flex Template for Web (or your own custom front-end app). Depending on the hosting provider you choose this may cost $15-50 per month.

“Sharetribe Flex allows us to customize the design and user experience of our platform as we wish, without blowing up our budget. Flex also makes it easy to adapt our platform based on our user feedback.”

Raphaëlle de Monteynard, CEO, Swimmy

Swimmy is built on Sharetribe Flex
Raphaëlle from Swimmy

Swimmy, the “Airbnb for swimming pools”, is the leading French marketplace for swimming pool rentals. It has hundreds of pools and thousands of users all over the country.

Building with Flex

The product vision of Flex is to be a marketplace software solution that never gets in your way. If a certain feature you need is not yet available, you should always be able to build it yourself. Here's a guide for getting started with Flex development.


You can find everything you need to know about building with Sharetribe Flex at www.sharetribe.com/docs. This includes reference documentation, guides and tutorials for the Marketplace API, the Flex SDK and the Flex Template for Web.

Get Developer Access

To get a development environment running, you need to request an API key and an account for the Flex Console. This will also give you access to the Flex Slack channel.

Not a developer? Need a developer?

Launching a marketplace with Flex always involves some custom software development. If you would like to use Flex for your marketplace, but you are not a developer yourself, nor do you have access to one, we can help you get in touch with one.

Want to become a Flex development partner?

Sharetribe Flex is a powerful toolset for building online marketplace platforms. Using commonplace and reliable web technologies, it offers the fundamental functionality of such platforms out of the box, without limiting your ability to extend on them. With the basics taken care off, you can focus on the requirements of your customer where you can truly add value, the features that are unique to them and their idea. We regularly have prospective customers in need of development partners.

Interested in becoming a partner? Get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between Flex & Go?

Sharetribe Go remains the easiest way for anyone to set up an online marketplace website quickly and without technical skills. It's a great tool for building your Minimum Viable Platform and start validating your concept immediately. Meanwhile, with Sharetribe Flex, you can build your ideal sharing economy platform (whether web or mobile) for approximately 5-10% of cost in terms of time and money, compared to building your platform from scratch. Also, it's not built with just the launch in mind, but for the entire lifecycle of your business: it will help you build the first version quickly but also scales with you as you grow your business and revenue to millions. This is a marketplace solution you will never grow out of.

As its name states, Flex is extremely flexible: it offers the standard marketplace features out of the box so you don't need to reinvent the wheel, but it also allows you to build your "secret sauce", the features unique to your particular concept, on top of it. You can do this yourself, if you're a developer, or alternatively hire developers to do it.

2. What is the right solution for me?

This is mostly up to you, your budget and your technical skills. If you are or have a developer on your team, Flex is almost always the right choice, as it allows you more flexibility and customization, and can handle any future challenges.

If you do not have a developer on your team, you need to consider if you are willing to invest into hiring someone to build it for you. If you are unsure, you might still want to validate your marketplace concept with Sharetribe Go first, for which you don’t need a developer. You can easily migrate from Go to Flex later.

3. Can I upgrade from Go to Flex?

It's possible to export data from Sharetribe Go and import it into a Flex marketplace. This is what was done for Studiotime, Kinspiring and Swimmy. All their users and listings were moved to their new Flex-powered sites. The first step is to request access to Flex and let us know that you have an existing Go marketplace. We will help you to assess whether it is a good idea to upgrade.

4. What programming language should I use to build my Flex marketplace?

You can use the programming language of your choice to work with the Flex API. However, if you want to make use of the Flex Template for Web, you need to be familiar with its technology stack. Frontend developers with experience in widely used tooling should feel comfortable right from the get-go.

Here are the main technologies the Flex Template for Web uses:

  • JavaScript: the programming language for the whole application
  • React: library for creating user interfaces with components
  • CSS: styling the user interface using CSS Modules
  • Redux: state and data flow handling
  • Final Form: forms
  • React Router: routing
  • Express: server
  • Node.js: server rendering

You can also check out our Customization guide on Github.

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