The flexible
marketplace solution.

Sharetribe Flex is the best way to build your sharing economy platform. It is the only solution designed for the entire lifecycle of your business, not just the launch.

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Building a platform is process, not a project.

Building a platform is
a process, not a project.

The launch is only the beginning. Sharetribe Flex helps you release your Minimum Viable Platform quickly. After launch, Flex helps you constantly adapt your platform as you learn from your users.

P.S. Our CEO, Juho, also wrote a book about building online marketplaces.

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Sharetribe Flex features and structure.

You own the
user experience...

Flexible Booking Flow

Be in charge of how your providers & customers interact with your own booking flow.

Customize your UI & UX

Build a website or a mobile app. Use our easily customizable open source template apps or start from scratch.

Expand on demand

Get what you need out of the box. Build the rest yourself. Feel free to use the programming language of your choice.

Make it unique

Adjust the visual elements and design of the platform to match your brand.

...while we do
the heavy lifting.

Comprehensive feature set

Search engine, messaging, availability and scheduling, payments, reviews, notifications – all the essential marketplace features.

Tools to grow

Moderation, user management, analytics – all the tools you need as a marketplace operator.

Full concierge service

Don't worry about hosting, scaling, security, compliance, software updates, backups, or other boring stuff. We do it for you.

Complete connectivity

Integrate third party software or your own backend. Getting data in and out of the platform is simple.

Trusted by successful

We've worked with thousands of marketplace entrepreneurs. Our job is to help them succeed with their businesses.

Here's what Mike, Krista and Raphaëlle have to say about Sharetribe Flex:

Studiotime is built on Sharetribe Flex
Mike from Studiotime

Studiotime, the “Airbnb for record studios”, is the world’s largest studio marketplace. It has 5% of all the record studios in the world listed in its platform.

“Sharetribe Flex allows me to build Studiotime just the way I want, both in web and mobile, for 10% of the time and cost investment compared to building it from scratch.”

Mike Williams, CEO, Studiotime

“With Sharetribe Go, we were able to test our idea quickly and with a small budget. Now that we've validated our concept, Sharetribe Flex helps us take our business to the next level.”

Krista Pohjanlehto, CEO, Kinspiring

Kinspiring is built on Sharetribe Flex
Krista from Kinspiring

Kinspiring is Finland's largest
peer-to-peer marketplace for renting strollers and other baby gear from other parents. Their goal is to be the global leader in baby gear rentals.

“Sharetribe Flex allows us to customize the design and user experience of our platform as we wish, without blowing up our budget. Flex also makes it easy to adapt our platform based on our user feedback.”

Raphaëlle de Monteynard, CEO, Swimmy

Swimmy is built on Sharetribe Flex
Raphaëlle from Swimmy

Swimmy, the “Airbnb for swimming pools”, is the leading French marketplace for swimming pool rentals. It has hundreds of pools and thousands of users all over the country.

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