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Enable Google login

In this how-to guide we'll take a look at the process of setting up Google login for your marketplace. It will allow your users to sign and log in by using their Google accounts.

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If you are working with one of our legacy templates and are not sure whether Google login is enabled, take a look at our legacy documentation.

Enabling Google login consists of three main steps:

  • Create a Google Sign-In Project Google Sign-In Project is what connects your marketplace to Google and let's Google know that users from your marketplace are allowed to authenticate themselves using the Google Sign-In.
  • Create an identity provider client in Sharetribe Console Identity provider (IdP) client is what let's Sharetribe know that the users of your marketplace are allowed to use the Google Sign-In Project you created to log into your marketplace.
  • Configure Sharetribe Web Template A few attributes from the Sign-In Project will need to be configured to Sharetribe Web Template so that it can perform the login flow via Google.

Configure the Google Sign-In Project

Note, that Google's interface is subject to change. If you encounter any inconsistencies with this step-by-step guide, please contact Sharetribe's Support team and we will be happy to assist.

First thing to do is to create a Google Sign-In project for your marketplace by following these steps:

Create and set up a Google Sign-In Project

  1. Go to https://console.developers.google.com/
  2. Log in with your Google account (you may have to register as a developer if you don't have a Google developer account already).
  3. Click the "Select a project" button on the top bar.
  4. When the pop-up opens click the "New project" button on the top right corner.
  5. Name your Project (for example your marketplace name) and click "Create".
  6. Go to the "OAuth consent screen" page e.g. from the left side menu.
  7. Once there, select "External" as a User type and click "Create".
  8. Fill in at least the required fields in this next page. You need to add e.g the name and user support email for your app.
  9. From the left sidebar go to the "Credentials" page.
  10. Click "+ Create credentials" from the top of the page.
  11. Select "OAuth Client ID"
  12. Application type is "Web application". You can give it any name.
  13. In "Authorized JavaScript origins", add your full marketplace's URL with https and possibly www or the subdomain, without the trailing slash, e.g. "https://www.example.com", "https://example.com", or "https://something.example.com".
  14. In the "Authorized redirect URIs", add your marketplace address followed by /api/auth/google/callback.
  15. Click "Create".

Configure an identity provider client in Console

Now that your Google Sign-In project is all set up, a corresponding identity provider client will need to be configured for your marketplace. This will tell Sharetribe that your users will be allowed to log into your marketplace using the Google Sign-In you just created. The information stored in an IdP client is used to verify a token obtained from Google when a user logs in.

An identity provider client can be configure with the following steps:

  1. Go to Social logins & SSO in Console.
  2. Under Identity provider clients click "+ Add new".
  3. Set "Client name". This can be anything you choose, for example, "Google login".
  4. Under "Select identity provider", pick "Google".
  5. Set the Client ID. This value is the Client ID from your Google Sign-In project. You can see the value under Credentials > OAuth 2.0 client IDs. Make sure you have the project you just created selected from the top bar in Google developer console. In case you have multiple clients configured in Google Sign-In, use the client ID of your Web application client here. See step 6. for more information.

The IdP client config should now look something like this:

Add Google identity provider client

  1. If you have more than one client configured in your Google Sign-In project, mobile clients for example, add the additional client IDs to the same identity provider client under "Trusted client IDs" by clicking "+ Add new trusted client". In case you are using two distinct Google Sign-In projects, configure those as distinct clients in Console but always bundle all the client IDs of a single project into one identity provider client in Sharetribe Console.
  2. Click "Add client" and your identity provider client is ready.

Configure Sharetribe Web Template

Last step to enabling Google login is to configure your Sharetribe Web Template with the values that you used to add an identity provider client in Console. Add the following environment variables to the template:

  • REACT_APP_GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID The Client ID of your Google Sing-In. Corresponds to client ID of the identity provider client in Console.
  • GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET The Client Secret of your Google Sign-In.

For more information on the template environment variables, see the Template environment variables article.

That is it. Setting these environment variables will make Sharetribe Web Template render the Google login button in signup and login forms.