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The fourth tutorial teaches how to import font scripts and change what font the marketplace uses.

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This is the fourth tutorial in the low-code development series. Follow along to learn how to get a font script from Google Fonts and use it in your codebase.


  1. Download the font script from Google Fonts (00:36)

  2. Include the code script in the codebase (01:51)

  3. Use the font in the marketplace (03:10)

Resources used in this video

Commands and scripts used in this video

Run your template locally

yarn run dev

Google Fonts script

const fontScript = (
<style key="font">
{`@import url('');`}

Check current remote repositories

git remote -v

Push your changes to your remote repository

git push origin main

Additional developer documentation

More information on how to change your marketplace look and feel can be found in Sharetribe's Developer Documentation site. We recommend:


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