Set up a development environment

The first low-code tutorial introduces development tools and establishes our workflow for making code changes to the Sharetribe Template.

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This is the first tutorial in the low-code development series. Follow along to learn how to set up your development tooling and the Sharetribe Web Template codebase for making custom code changes.


  1. Install a code editor (00:34)

  2. Install and configure development tooling (Git, Node.js, and Yarn) (01:05)

  3. Clone the Sharetribe Web Template repository (04:10)

  4. Set up the necessary environment variables (06:19)

  5. Set up a remote repository (08:19)

Resources used in this video

Commands used in this video

Check package versions

node -v
git -v
yarn -v

Template installation and configuration

yarn install
yarn run config

Run the template on your computer

yarn run dev

Check current remote repositories

git remote -v

Rename the existing remote

git remote rename origin upstream

Add your own remote

git remote add origin
git push origin main

Additional developer documentation

More information on setting up your development environment can be found in Sharetribe's Developer Documentation site. We recommend:


The next video tutorial shows how to deploy the Sharetribe Web Template to the web by using Render. Click here to go to this tutorial.

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