Low-code tutorial introduction

Follow 5 videos to learn how to set up your development environment and accomplish basic, low-code development tasks.

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Welcome to the low-code video tutorial. Over 5 videos, this tutorial introduces how custom coding works with Sharetribe and shows some of the basic changes you can make without being a developer.

That's right: even though we are custom coding, there are use cases that curious non-developers can accomplish. We'll cover how to deploy your application to the web, change the font, checkout button colors, and add a Facebook pixel.
In addition to expanding the functionalities in your marketplace, these "low-code" use cases provide a valuable introduction to how custom code marketplaces work.

Custom coding background

Your Sharetribe marketplace can be built and configured using no-code and custom code tools. Custom code allows you to extend the core Sharetribe functionalities or build new features not possible to achieve using only no-code tools in Console.

Building with custom code is possible already during your trial or when you subscribe to the Build plan. In order for your custom coded marketplace to work Live for real users, you must have an Extend subscription.

Our Help center has several articles on how custom coding works on Sharetribe. They provide useful background for how a custom coded marketplace works and what you can achieve.

Who should use this tutorial

This tutorial is for non-developers who want to learn how custom coding works on Sharetribe. This knowledge can be used to make simple modifications in the code of the marketplace or to simply understand how a custom developed marketplace is set up.

You do not need to be a developer to use this tutorial, but you will be completing technical tasks. The tasks cover some of the low-code changes you can make on Sharetribe.

This tutorial does not cover more complex changes or capabilities of the Sharetribe developer platform; to use those, we strongly recommend familiarity with these technologies or hiring a developer.

What is covered

This series introduces how custom coding works on Sharetribe. It covers the foundations necessary to understand and write custom code on Sharetribe. However, we never write any custom code during this tutorial, using only existing functionalities, tools, or scripts.

The series begins with learning how to set up your development environment: installing development tooling, cloning the Sharetribe Web Template codebase to your computer, and setting up a remote repository. The next video shows how to deploy this codebase from our repository to the web.

Then, we'll turn to changing the functionalities in our marketplace. The third video shows how to change the color of success buttons like the checkout button. This is green by default, but we can change it with custom code. Next, in the fourth video, we'll change the font of the marketplace.
In the final video, we will learn how to set up a Facebook Pixel and integrate it into our marketplace.

Next steps

The first tutorial shows how to set up a development environment to use for making custom code changes. Click here to start the tutorial.

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