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Change the color of success buttons
Change the color of success buttons

The third tutorial shows how to make our first changes to the codebase settings using code.

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This is the third tutorial in the low-code development series. Follow-along to learn how to change the color of success buttons. Success buttons are call-to-action buttons like the sign-up button, login button, or checkout button.


  1. Find and change button color in the codebase (00:33)

  2. Push changes to the remote repository (04:26)

Commands and resources used in this video

Run your template locally

yarn run dev

Change the color

Replace the existing colorSuccess and colorSuccessDark rows with these values in src/styles/marketplaceDefaults.js.

  • colorSuccess: #2ecca0

  • colorSuccessDark: #23997c

View your commit history

git log --oneline

To exit the log view

Type q for "quit."

Push your changes to your remote repository

git push origin main

Additional developer documentation

More information on how to change your marketplace look and feel can be found in Sharetribe's Developer Documentation site. We recommend:


The next video tutorial shows how to change the font used in the marketplace. Click here to go to this tutorial.

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