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Deploy Sharetribe Web Template to Render
Deploy Sharetribe Web Template to Render

The second tutorial shows how to deploy your custom codebase to make it accessible on the web.

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This is the second tutorial in the low-code development series. Follow-along to learn how to deploy the Sharetribe Web Template codebase to the web via Render, an application hosting service.


  1. Create a new web service in Render (00:21)

  2. Add environment variables (00:46)

  3. Finalize web service set up and edit URL (02:33)

  4. Deploy the template to the web (03:09)

Resources used in this video:

    • We recommend starting with Render because it offers a free tier for deploying development applications, which should be sufficient for building and testing purposes.

  • Sharetribe Web Template: .env-template code in raw

Additional developer documentation

More information on deploying your codebase can be found in Sharetribe's Developer Documentation site. We recommend:


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