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Flex Applications are the entities that authenticate to and access the Flex APIs.

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In Flex, accessing the Marketplace API or the Integration API starts with creating an application. Each application has the necessary credentials (client ID and optional client secret) that are used to authenticate your application to the Flex APIs.

Applications come in two types: Marketplace API applications and Integration API applications. Marketplace API applications have only a client ID, while Integration API applications have both a client ID and a client secret. As a general rule, the client ID can be considered public information, while the client secret must always be kept secure.

Best practices

  • Create a separate application for each of your systems that access the Flex APIs. For example, if you have a web and a mobile app, create two separate Marketplace API applications.
  • IMPORTANT Always keep your Integration API application's client secret secure. Never expose it in a untrusted device or application, such as end users' browsers or mobile apps.
  • Name your applications so that it is easier for you to recognize how each one is used. For instance, use names like "Web UI", "iOS mobile app", "reporting", "mailing list integration", etc.