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JavaScript SDKs

Information on our SDKs and where to find our SDK documentation

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Find our SDK documentation here:


The SDKs are the easiest way to interact with Sharetribe Marketplace API and the Sharetribe Integration API.

They handle authentication, renewing authentication tokens and serializing and deserializing data to and from JavaScript data structures. Using the SDKs allows you to focus on building your marketplace front-end instead of implementing boilerplate to communicate with the API.

The main SDK features are:

  • Promise-based asynchronous API.
  • Universal: Runs in any JavaScript environment, including Node.js, browser and React Native (experimental).
  • Predictable mapping from SDK methods to API endpoints.
  • Types to represent UUID, money, geolocation, etc. with automatic serialization and deserialization.
  • Easy authentication.

Sharetribe SDK for JavaScript

The Marketplace API is meant to handle all the interactions the end users of your marketplace take part in e.g. signing up, managing listings and transactions. You should be using the Marketplace API when building your marketplace UI, such as a web client or a mobile app.

The Marketplace API only provides data that an individual user should have access to; this means that the API doesn’t allow access to other users’ private data, transactions or messages. The SDK provides a convenient way to access the Marketplace API endpoints without needing to configure custom API calls.

You can access all the JS SDK documentation at:


Sharetribe Integration SDK for JavaScript

In contrast to the Marketplace API, the Integration API reveals the entire marketplace data. The Integration API is meant for trusted secure applications to access. You might be running such an application in your own backend systems or as a 3rd party integration. The Integration API is well suited for integrations with your own or 3rd party systems, custom reporting and custom tooling for operators managing the marketplace.

You can access all the JS SDK documentation at: