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Enable Login as user

This article guides you how to take into use the Login as user feature that allows an operator to log into their marketplace as one of the marketplace users

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The Login as user feature allows marketplace operators to log into their marketplace as a specific user of the marketplace. This helps operators to experience their marketplace as their users do and to find out what is wrong when their users are reporting problems. The feature also comes in handy when a marketplace user asks for help with managing their data and listings. However, note that when logged in as another user it is not possible to modify Stripe account details, send messages, or initiate or transition transactions.

NOTE: In order to enable the Login as user feature you will need to be running at least version 4.2.0 of ftw-daily or 6.2.0 of ftw-hourly. Alternatively you will need to perform the modifications described in this guide to your marketplace website.

How the Login as user feature works

As context, here's a quick description of the technical implementation of how the Login as user works to make it easier to understand the changes it requires. The authentication flow uses the authorization code grant type defined in the OAuth2. Console works as an authorization server that issues an authorization code for FTW. FTW then uses this code to obtain an access token from Auth API. The access token is valid for 30 minutes and it does not come with a refresh token. The token can be used as a normal token obtained with a password login excluding updating payment information, sending messages, and initiating or transitioning transactions. The image below describes the authentication flow in more detail.

Authentication flow

Note: Remember to make sure that the REACT_APP_CANONICAL_ROOT_URL value configured in your marketplace website matches the marketplace URL configured in Console as the value will be used to redirect back to your marketplace and the value is validated in console when issuing an authorization code.

Applying the changes to your marketplace website

The easiest way to take the feature into use is to merge the latest changes from the FTW projects. The required version to have is 4.2.0 with ftw-daily and 6.2.0 with ftw-hourly.

In case merging upstream changes is not a reasonable solution, the changes can also be applied manually.

Update the Flex SDK and auth handling in FTW

Version 1.9.0 of the Flex JavaScript SDK is required. Make sure that the dependency looks as follows in your package.json file.

"sharetribe-flex-sdk": "^1.9.0",

With the updated SDK auth state handling can be changed to utilize a new auth info attribute returned by the SDK. Update the authenticated function in the top part of the src/ducks/ file as follows:

const authenticated = authInfo =>
  authInfo && authInfo.isAnonymous === false;

Add required endpoints to the FTW server

In order to handle the authentication flow, FTW needs to implement two server-side endpoints: /api/initiate-login-as and /api/login-as. To add them to the Node server, copy server/apiRouter.js, server/api/initiate-login-as.js, and server/api/login-as.js files from the FTW daily repository:

Then add the following line into your server/index.js file, above the main app.get('*' (req, res) => { route declaration:

app.use('/api', apiRouter);

Now you can log into the marketplace from Console's user view.

Show a banner when logged in as a user

The endpoints of the previous section enable the Login as user feature. However, this will not notify the operator in any way that they are logged in as a user and have a limited set of actions in their use. The Flex template applications ftw-daily and ftw-hourly provide such a banner. The changes for showing the banner are a bit more complex what is required for adding the endpoints described above so in order to show a notification to an operator it is advised to pull upstream updates. However, in case that is not a viable option the notification banner changes to the FTWs are in this PR and can be applied from there as one sees best.


Having trouble enabling the Login as user feature? Check that you have the following in order.

Authentication fails with message: Failed to authorize as a user, error:

Double check that the REACT_APP_CANONICAL_ROOT_URL environment variable of your marketplace website matches the Marketplace URL you have configured in Console.

Authentication fails with message: Unable to authenticate as a user

Have you updated the SDK to the latest version?

Login session drops unexpectedly

The access token obtained with the Login as user authentication flow is valid only for 30 minutes. If you could not finish what you had in mind during that time you can always login as the user again.