What are Marketplace texts

Build your user experience by changing your button texts, labels, helpful hints, error messages and more using Marketplace texts.

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Marketplace texts are short texts used across your dynamic pages, like button labels, error messages, and help texts. Marketplace texts are textual, brief (a sentence or two), and highly contextual. You can edit them in Console, at Content > Marketplace texts.

What you can do with Marketplace texts

Changing your Marketplace text is an important part of deciding how your marketplace works. It allows you to set the tone to address your users: do you prefer to be calm and polite, warm and friendly, or whimsical and goofy?

With Marketplace texts, you also make key decisions about your core vocabulary. Do you call your customers "buyers", "guests", or something else? Are your providers perhaps called "vendors", "sellers" or "hosts"? What are they publishing on your site – "listings", "products", "profiles", "apartments", "bikes"? When they interact with each other on your site, are they "booking", "buying" or "ordering"?

Finally, you can use the Marketplace texts editor to translate your marketplace into another language. Sharetribe comes with several languages already translated for you, but, if your language is not on this list, you can use Marketplace texts (and Email texts) to fully translate your marketplace.

Of course, you may simply leverage the defaults and not change the Marketplace texts if they work for your marketplace.

How Marketplace texts work

All your Marketplace texts are contained within a single file. Every text on your marketplace’s dynamic pages exists within this file, except for a few locale-specific texts. This is the file that you can view and edit with the Marketplace texts editor found in Console>Build>Content>Marketplace texts.

Marketplace texts are presented in two parts: a key, which tells you where the text content is used, and a value, which is the text content itself.

The content or “value” in your Marketplace texts can be phrases, words, or numbers. You can also use various arguments to better contextualize your notification messaging to the particular transaction in question. You can learn more about the format of Marketplace texts in this article.

How to get started with Marketplace texts

View your Marketplace texts in Content > Marketplace texts. You can start modifying your content right away.

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