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Supported languages and locales
Supported languages and locales

Use one of the out-of-the-box translations or translate Sharetribe into your preferred languages.

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The marketplace application that Sharetribe offers is fully translated into the following languages:

  • English

  • French

  • Spanish

  • German

Using any one of these languages means that all your default content, texts, and emails appear in this language.

You can view your content pages in the Pages editor at Content > Pages, your Marketplace texts at Content > Marketplace texts, and your Email texts at Content > Email texts.

Your marketplace language is set when you create your Sharetribe account. You may change your marketplace language to one of the fully translated languages by contacting our team anytime using the chat widget in the bottom right of your Console or at the bottom right of this page. Let us know the language you wish us to enable.

Why is Console not in my chosen language?

Console is only available in English at the moment. It can be translated using browsers’ native translation capabilities if you would like to navigate Console in your preferred language, though note this is not an official translation. Chrome users, for example, can right-click anywhere in Console and select “Translate to <your browser language>” to translate Console. Below is an example of Console in French.

How to translate your marketplace into a new language.

Your marketplace may use a language that is not on the list above. In practice, this entails translating the default texts in the marketplace and the default texts used in email notifications. You should also create content pages in your preferred language.

Marketplace texts are short phrases like button labels or help texts used throughout your marketplace (not in static pages), in dynamic pages, where user content is shown, and users interact. You can learn more about how to edit and translate them in this article. ​

Email texts are the written content of your email notifications. You can edit, translate, and localize the texts within these notifications in Console. Follow our guide in this article to get started.

You can also create content pages in your preferred languages using the Pages editor in Console. You can use the Pages editor to edit default pages like your Landing page or Terms of service page, or to create entirely new content pages. You can learn more about how to use Pages in this article.

Multi-language marketplaces.

Sharetribe does not support multiple languages in your marketplace without coding. You may create content pages in different languages; however, Email and Marketplace texts only support a single language version if you only use the editors found in Console.

Having all the text content of your marketplace appear and be sent in multiple languages requires customizing with code.

How to localize your marketplace.

Making your marketplace language accessible can go beyond just texts. Many languages have "locales" which are specific adaptations that match a region or country’s language conventions. Sharetribe supports a wide variety of locales. English, for instance, can be enabled according to the conventions of these locales:

  • English - Australia

  • English - Canada

  • English - Ireland

  • English - New Zealand

  • English - Singapore

  • English - United Kingdom

  • English - United States

The default locale is English - United States.

Your locale impacts how the currency symbol is shown on your marketplace. (You can view the list of supported currencies in this article). It also impacts what language and date-time conventions are used inside booking calendars and booking panels.

You can also choose the first day of the week used in the calendar to be Monday or Sunday. This change will be reflected in the calendar used for booking and availability management.

If you wish to change your marketplace locale and/or first day-of-week setting, please contact us using the chat widget in the bottom right of your Console or at the bottom right of this page. Let us know:

  1. What locale you would like to use (from the list above)

  2. What should be the first day of the week (Monday or Sunday)

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