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How to build and launch a marketplace with Sharetribe
How to build and launch a marketplace with Sharetribe

Learn how to get started building your marketplace.

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The first step to building a marketplace with Sharetribe is to click the button "Start free trial" at and create a Sharetribe account. You'll then go through a setup wizard that asks you questions about your marketplace idea. Based on your answer, we'll generate a marketplace website for you. You are then taken to Sharetribe Console.

Build your marketplace without coding

Console is the admin interface of Sharetribe, where you build and manage your marketplace. In Console, you customize your marketplace to your needs.

Our tutorial is a great way to learn how to build a marketplace with Sharetribe. It takes you through creating a fictional bike rental marketplace step by step. You can replace the bike-related configurations with configurations related to your own, unique idea.

You can also take a video tutorial below. The video walks you through the marketplace setup, from onboarding to content creation and configuring your marketplace settings in less than 30 minutes.

If you need help, you can always reach out to the Sharetribe team through the messaging widget at the bottom of your Console. We're with you every step of the way!

Customize your marketplace with code (optional)

Depending on your marketplace idea, you might notice that it's not possible to make your marketplace work exactly the way you want with Sharetribe's no-code builder. In this case, you can customize your marketplace with code. Learn more about customizing your marketplace with code.

If you want to hire someone to build your marketplace for you, we recommend you book a free consultation call with a Sharetribe team member. In the call, we discuss your requirements and figure out the best way forward. You can book the call using the link on the Console welcome page.

Launch your marketplace

Once you're happy with how your marketplace works, you are ready to launch. Launching requires creating a Live marketplace after subscribing in Console. This Live marketplace can be connected to your own location services provider and Stripe account, which allows you to process real money payments. Based on the plan, it can also be white-label by connecting it to a custom domain and custom sender address

You can initiate a paid subscription by clicking the big green "Go live" button on the top bar of your Console. You'll then be presented with the different plan options. If you have customized your marketplace with code, you should choose the "Extend" plan.
If you have only used the no-code marketplace builder for creating your marketplace, "Lite" is typically a good starting point, as it allows you to start inviting users to create accounts and listings in your marketplace and process transactions. If you also want to use your own domain, choose the "Pro" plan.

You can review the different plans and their features here.

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