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Setting up listing search
What are Listing search settings
What are Listing search settings

Understand the options to set up your marketplace search

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The search feature is enabled by default in all Sharetribe marketplaces. You can define the type of search to support depending on your user’s needs. You can also add filtering options to your marketplace, this include general filter options and specific fields filters.

Search type

Sharetribe has two different search types or search functions, keyword and location search. You can enable one or combine them from the Listing Search page of Console. You can read more about these features and how they work in these articles:


In the Listing search settings you can also enable filters for default fields. You can choose to Display a date range filter and Display a Price filter. If you want to understand adding filters for custom fields read here.

Date range filter

Enabling this feature, by clicking the checkbox, will display a date range filter in the search page. This filter allows users to define a date or a date range to filter with. From the settings you can define how the filter behaves.

Availability mode

You can choose Partial availability or Full availability

  • Partial availability: Displays all listings that are available with at least some dates within the user’s selected date range, even if they are not available for the full range.

  • Full availability: Displays listings that are available for the entire selected date range. Listings that are only partially available will not be displayed.

Date range mode

You can choose Daily availability or Nightly availability

  • Daily availability: When choosing a date or date range, the start and end date can be the same. People could filter for one specific date.

  • Nightly availability: When choosing a date range, the start date cannot be the same as the end date. People would need to filter for at least one night. From one day to the next.

Price filter

The price filter option allows you to add a filter to the search page. You can define the minimum and maximum range for the filter. Users can then filter-in listings with specific price ranges. They can also filter-out listings that are too cheap or too expensive. Make sure that the minimum and maximum values make sense for your marketplace, otherwise, when users use the filter, they might inadvertently filter out listings that might be good, because of the wrong filter configuration. Price filters don't define listing price limits.

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