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Search page layout options
Search page layout options

You have two default layout options for your search page: a map view and a grid view.

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The search page displays all listings from your marketplace. Users can find the listing that they need through keyword search or location search, and by filtering and sorting different attributes. They can even find a listings by dragging and exploring a map. You can define the layout of this page from your Console account. Go to Design β†’ Layout.

There are two different search page layouts that you can select from: Map view and Grid view.

Map view

The Map view of the search page displays the listings grid on the left and the map on the right. The map highlights the locations of several listings on your marketplace. This layout is excellent if your marketplace products or services are location-based.

The listing filters are displayed above the listing grid on the left side of the page. You can learn more about filters and how they are placed in this article.

Only listings that are within the map area that you are zooming over will be displayed in the search page. If you move the map, the search is refreshed to include listings from the new map area.

Grid view

In the grid view, the whole screen showcases the listings in a grid, and the filters are displayed on the left. Grid view is an alternative layout for marketplaces where physical location is not important during the search experience.
Filters are more prominently displayed in this layout. You can learn more about filters and how they are placed in this article.

How are listings sorted in the Search page?

By default listings are shown in the order they were created, with the most recent listing coming first. If your users want, they can also sort instead by price. If you're using keyword search, it's also possible to sort the search results by keyword relevancy, with the best match coming first.

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