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This articles explains how Location search works in Sharetribe.

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As its name indicates, it allows your users to search within your marketplace based on location or areas. You can enable Location search from the "Listings -> Listing search" page in Console.

Location features in Sharetribe are powered by Mapbox. Location search allows you to use a location to find listings near that location or within that searched area.

How are the search results found and sorted?

If you search a specific point or address, the listings will be sorted from the closest to the furthest from the given point that the user searched. This is called Location search by origin.

If you search an area, the search page, will only listings that are within the area searched for and sort the results in relation to the center of the area searched. This is called Location search by bounds

Is it possible to limit the distance from the searched point?

At the moment this is not possible. All the listings will be displayed from the nearest and it is not possible to remove listings that are farther than a certain distance.

Can I use the map view even when not using location search?

Yes. Even if you are not using the location search, it is possible to use a layout with a map. It is good to consider that marketplaces where the map view is important tend to benefit from using location search.

Is it possible to only display listings based on a user’s location?

Not by default.

How can I change the default text displayed in the search bar?

You can do that easily with the Marketplace texts editor. Find the “TopbarSearchForm.placeholder” and the “LocationSearchForm.placeholder” keys and replace the text there for your own. The default text is “Search bikes…”

Can I have both keyword and location search available in the same marketplace?

Yes. If your marketplace uses the location search, you can choose to display a "keyword" filter on your marketplace search page. You can enable this from the "Listings -> Listing search" page in Console.

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