How filters work

Understanding and adding filters in your marketplace.

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Filters can be used to give a better discovery experience to your users. As your listing offering grows, it will become harder for your users to find exactly what they’re looking for on the marketplace just by using the search. The right use of filters can significantly increase the browsing experience and your marketplace usage and conversion.

You can control your marketplace filters from several settings in Console. You can control both: how filters are displayed in the search page and what filters are used in your marketplace.

How to add filters to your marketplace

You can add filters for the two main types of listing fields. There are filters for default fields and filters for custom fields.

Filters for default fields (Date range and Price) can be controlled from the "Listings -> Listing search" page of your Console.

You can enable a Date range filter and a Price filter. Read more about how the default filters work.

Filters for custom listing fields can be controlled within each Listing field settings. When you create or edit a field you will have the option to add a filter to your marketplace.

Filters can only be created for “Select one” and “Select multiple” Listing field types. You can then define if the filter is a primary or a secondary filter.

  • Primary filter: It will be displayed before all the other default filters in the search page.

  • Secondary filter: It will be displayed after the default filters. In the map view it is only visible within the “More filters” menu in the Map Layout view.

How filters work in the search page

Filters can be a bit complex to understand. These section explains how the custom field filters work. Date range and Price filters explanation can be found in the Listing search settings article.

Select one

If a filter is created for a Select one type of field, the filter will display all listings that have any of the selected options. (OR type of filter)

Select multiple

If a filter is created for a Select multiple type of field, the filter will only display listings that have all of the selected options. (AND type of filter)

How filters look in the search page

You can define how filters are displayed in the search page, via the "Design -> Layout" then "Search page Layout" setting.

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