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Introducing Yogatime

If you’re building a service marketplace or are looking for flexibility in customizing pricing units, Yogatime is the Flex template for you.

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When working with Flex, you have the option to start development on top of our Flex Templates for Web, web applications built on top of the Marketplace API. You can also develop your frontend application from scratch, but using one of our templates can save considerable time.

Yogatime or FTW-hourly is a Flex Template with time-based availability, built with service marketplaces in mind. Yogatime has three features that set it apart from other Flex templates: hourly bookings, profiles as bookable listings, and timezone support. You can learn more about it in the video below. If you prefer reading, scroll past the video, and read on instead! For more technical information on Yogatime, check out our developer documentation.


Hourly bookings

Yogatime’s default availability system is for hourly bookings on a weekly schedule. Instead of day-based availability, you will have time-based availability. Day-based availability is great for marketplaces that offer rentals – think Airbnb, for example. Time-based availability is vital for service marketplaces, where booking lengths can be anything from minutes to hours.

Yogatime and hourly availability allow for more flexibility in customizing booking lengths to your exact needs. The bookable timeslots can be broken up into as short as 5-minute slots but also multiplied into longer periods, such as a day or a month. You can also offer a variety of different booking length options on the same marketplace.

Profiles as bookable listings

In Flex, only listings can be searched and booked. In a service marketplace, however, a listing should contain information about the service provider as well.

To offer classes in Yogatime, yoga teachers first sign up on the marketplace and then create a separate teacher profile. From the software’s perspective, the teacher profile is a listing, but for your customers, it offers information about the teacher they’re looking to book – like a profile! In other words, a provider in Yogatime has:

  1. A user profile where they can manage their personal information and private data such as payment details. Your buyers have user profiles as well.
  2. A public profile listing where they offer services and where customer can book them.

Only the latter can be shown in search results.

A provider can only create one listing, which means that all their bookings and availability management happen in the same place. With custom development, you can still enable multiple listings per provider.

Timezone support

Yogatime has time zone support. The provider’s location determines the timezone of the listing, and that timezone is saved into the listing’s availability plan.

For example, if your marketplace has listings in two timezones, such as in Finland and Sweden, customers in both countries can make bookings in their own timezones and be sure that their clock matches the booking time.

Customizing your unique marketplace

Yogatime is just one example of a Flex marketplace, and you can use it to build your unique marketplace. With Flex, you can customize everything from the visual design of your platform to its transaction processes, availability options, integrations, and much more.

The fastest way to get started with Sharetribe Flex and Yogatime is to download the Yogatime code and get developing.

If you’re not a developer, we’re happy to connect you with a qualified Flex expert to build your marketplace. Take a look at this article to learn more!