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Introducing Saunatime

Saunatime is a Flex Template for Web application that features a rental marketplace complete with daily and nightly availability management, powerful searchable listings and a delayed review process.

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Saunatime, a.k.a. FTW-daily, is the original Flex Template for the Web. It is a great starting point for developing rental marketplaces where bookings are made on a daily or nightly basis. It offers basic marketplace functionalities out of the box, and you can further customize it to suit your specific marketplace.


The heart of the Saunatime marketplace are listings. As a registered user, you can create as many listings as you want, and all published listings are visible to both registered and anonymous users.

The Saunatime template enables complex filtering, including based on location, availability dates, price, and rental features. You can freely modify both the listing attributes and the search attributes to suit your marketplace.

Saunatime search page


Saunatime template uses the Flex built-in availability calendar. By default, the bookings are made nightly – in other words, the earliest end date can be the next day from start date. However, you can easily modify the bookings to be daily as well.

Saunatime booking

When a provider receives a request for a booking, they can accept or decline the request. The customer's payment method will only be charged once the provider accepts the booking.


Saunatime allows providers and customers to send private messages related to listings and bookings. The messages are shown in a timeline that also shows the different actions the participants have taken in the transaction.

Saunatime provider messaging view


Once a transaction has completed, the customer and provider can both leave reviews. In Saunatime, reviews remain hidden until either both parties have submitted their reviews or the review period expires.

The second reviewer sees they have a review

This ensures that the second participant's review is not affected by the first review. Both reviews are published to both parties at the same time, and after the review is published it cannot be modified anymore.

Reviews are published to both parties at the same time

Customizing your own marketplace

The fastest way to get started with modifying the Saunatime template is to check out our tutorial. The tutorial starts with the Saunatime template, and it guides you through visual and functional modifications. You can also check out our other FTW templates, Yogatime and Sneakertime, to see which template has features that best suit your unique marketplace idea.