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Video: How to build a marketplace with Sharetribe
Video: How to build a marketplace with Sharetribe

Learn how to build a no-code marketplace with Sharetribe, now in video format.

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This video walks you through a no-code marketplace setup with Sharetribe in under 30 minutes. Watch the full video or use the chapter timestamps to check out specific sections.


00:00 Introduction

01:40 Onboarding

03:28 Environments

04:25 Management tools

04:46 Build section

04:58 General settings

05:24 Pages

06:24 Add a Hero section

07:50 Add a Columns section

09:28 Add an anchor link

09:51 Add Carousel section

11:59 SEO and social tags

13:02 Privacy policy and Terms of service

13:58 Footer

15:38 Marketplace texts

17:11 Email texts

18:06 Branding

18:57 Layout

20:05 Listing types

21:06 Listing fields

23:10 Listing search

24:45 Monetize by commission

25:54 Minimum transaction size

26:25 Integrations

26:44 Advanced settings

27:05 Final words

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