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Complete your marketplace setup
Video: Complete your marketplace setup
Video: Complete your marketplace setup

Learn how to complete your marketplace setup and get it ready to go live.

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This video tutorial helps you complete your marketplace setup. It goes through the most important settings to update to get your marketplace ready to go live.

The sample marketplace in the video is a bike rental platform, but you can build any kind of marketplace with Sharetribe – whether for products, rentals, services, or something else.


00:00 Introduction

00:56 Adjust your listing type

01:45 Add custom fields and filters

03:45 Set your commission

04:30 Change the logo and branding

05:15 Edit the landing page

08:41 SEO and social metatags

09:32 Edit or remove the About page

09:52 Edit the Terms of service and Privacy policy

10:26 Conclusion

Extended version

This tutorial has an extended version. How build a marketplace with Sharetribe goes through all of Sharetribe's no-code features and how to configure them. It also shares additional information about running an online marketplace business.

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