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How to edit the "Post a new listing" link
How to edit the "Post a new listing" link

This article describes how to edit the "Post a new listing" link as an example of how to change all your other Marketplace Texts.

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This is a very specific example of what you can do with Marketplace Texts. If you want to learn more about how to make changes check the more comprehensive article about editing Marketplace Texts.

Edit the text of the "Post a new listing" link​

For this specific example, we want to change the "Post a new listing" link on the top bar of our marketplace to "Add your listing".

In order to make changes, start by noticing the text that you want to change, in this case "Post a new listing" and then go to your Marketplace texts page. Once there:

  1. Click on the Box with all the texts

  2. Search for the the corresponding text by using cmd + F (mac) or ctrl + F (PC)

  3. Identify the correct text that you want to change by its key

  4. Change the content or "value" of the text.

In many cases, like with "Post a new listing" a single phrase can be used in multiple keys. For example "Post a new listing" can be found in these keys:

  • "EditListingPage.titleCreateListing": "Post a new listing",

  • "ManageListingsPage.createListing": "Post a new listing",

  • "SearchPage.createListing": "Post a new listing",

  • "TopbarDesktop.createListing": "Post a new listing",

  • "TopbarMobileMenu.newListingLink": "Post a new listing",

Each one of those will display the "Post a new listing" text in a different place in your front-end application. You can change all of them. For tips on how to find them all and changing them all read our Marketplace texts editing article.

The specific one for the top bar, that we identified above is: "TopbarDesktop.createListing": "Post a new listing"

You only need to change the value, and need to keep the key the same. The result of changing value to "Add a listing" would be:

"TopbarDesktop.createListing": "Add a listing"

That's it. Save the changes in Console and refresh your marketplace application.

Remove the "Post a new listing" link

What if you would like to remove the link entirely? A use case for this could be, for example, that you want to be the only person who is publishing listings in your marketplace. Or perhaps you only want to share the link for posting listings with a specific group of sellers you have manually verified, but not display it to all users. In this case, what you could do is to add a space instead of the text:

"TopbarDesktop.createListing": " "

After saving changes, you will notice that the link is gone:

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