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How to charge a listing fee from your users
How to charge a listing fee from your users

This article teaches you how to monetize your marketplace by charging your users for posting listings.

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Sharetribe doesn't have a built-in way to charge your users for publishing listings in a fully automated fashion. However, there's a way for you to achieve a pretty good workflow for this without coding by utilizing third party services.
With Sharetribe you can control which listings are published to your marketplace. This article describes a possible way to build this feature without code.

  1. Turn on the toggle "Admin approval is required before a listing is published" in Console -> Build -> General.

  2. Use Stripe Checkout to build a simple payment page without coding (it can be used for either one time for subscription payments).

  3. Whenever someone publishes a listing, communicate that they will now need to pay to get the listing published.

    1. You can do this with Marketplace texts: find a key "ListingPage.ownListingPendingApproval" and replace the text "This listing is pending approval." with something like: "To get your listing published you need to pay the listing fee. You will soon receive an email with instructions for making the payment."

  4. Use Sharetribe's built-in Zapier integration to automatically send them an email that directs them to the page you built with Stripe Checkout

  5. Use Zapier to send an SMS notification to yourself when there's a new payment in Stripe Checkout.

  6. When you receive an SMS about a new payment, log in to Console, review the listing in Console -> Manage -> Listings (if you want to review an unpublished listing in your marketplace, you can see it by logging in as the listing author), and click the "Approve" button to publish it.

As you notice, this approach involves a manual step from you to get the listing published. If you'd like to build automate this process fully and remove manual step, that's possible by customizing your marketplace with code.

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