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Listing page layout options
Listing page layout options

There are two options for the listing page layout. This article explains the difference between them.

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When posting a listing, your users can add images to make their posts, offers, or requests more appealing. With this setting, you can determine the best layout for all your listings. You can choose your layout on the "Design → Layout" page of your Console account.

A primary image is always displayed on the listing page or as a thumbnail on the search page, but you can add as many photos as you need. Users will be able to expand and look at the other pictures as well.

There are two options for the listing page image layout: an image carousel with a thumbnail and a screen-wide cover photo.

Image Carousel with thumbnails

This option displays the main image to the left of the transaction actions. The secondary images are shown as thumbnails in a carousel below it. The transaction actions section can be found on the right side of the image. If you have a marketplace focused on buying and selling products that require multiple images, then the image carousels with thumbnails may be the best option for you. With this, the prospective buyer can quickly scroll through the carousel thumbnails to see the different images before proceeding with the transaction.

For a more detailed view, the user can enlarge the images.

Here’s what the listing page carousel with thumbnails looks like:

Here's how it would look when users select the option "View large photos". The image becomes full screen.

Screen-wide cover photo

This option displays the first uploaded image as the top hero section of the listing page, filling the screen's width. The screen-wide cover photo is only one image shown by default, with a link on the bottom right of the image to see the rest of the listing images. The transaction action section and the rest of the listing information can then be found under the screen-wide photo.

Screen-wide cover photos are ideal for showing landscape photos. Listings of rental properties, services, or experiences commonly use this layout. If the condition of the item is not fundamental for the marketplace, this layout might be better for you.

What images can my users upload?

It’s possible to add jpeg and png file types. All listing images can be up to, but not more than, 20 MB and 3072x3072 pixels. Read more about marketplace images.

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