What are Section templates

Learn what content page layout options Article, Columns, Features, Carousel, and Hero are best for your page.

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Section templates control the layout of the content of your Section. There are five templates for you to choose from:

  • Hero

  • Article

  • Columns

  • Features

  • Carousel

This guide describes the layout of these five templates. If you're looking for more general information about creating content pages in your marketplace, this is the guide for you.

Hero template

Hero template works well as the initial section of a page. It is taller than other section, taking up at least 80% of the screen height. You can add a background image, call-to-action button, title, and description. You cannot add content blocks.

The Hero template background image stretches across the entire screen, like other background images. The image should have the minimum dimensions of 1600x1200 pixels to suit the rectangular layout of this Section.

In the example below, Hero template is used to create a visually appealing initial Section of a landing page.

Article template

The Article template works well for long-form written text, like Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Help Center articles, and blog posts. It stacks the content blocks on top of each other in a narrow layout optimized for reading. You can then format text inside the content block further with markdown to add line breaks, links, bolding, bigger titles, and more.

In the example below, there's a section with an Article template. The text has been formatted with markdown. With markdown, you can format the text content of your content blocks to add subtitles, line breaks, links, bolding, and more. Learn more about formatting text with markdown.

Columns template

Columns template works well for Sections that display several elements that are similar to each other, like featured categories, listings, or locations. It displays bontent blocks side by side in a layout of 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns on desktop (on mobile the columns are still stacked on top of each other).

In the example below, the Columns template is used to display six content blocks featuring locations in a 3-column layout.

Features template

Features template is great for telling a story in a visually appealing manner. A typical use case would be listing your different value propositions to a specific target group in an engaging manner, with large visuals. It displays text and visual content side by side in alternating order. In a Section using the Features template, the first content block is displayed with text content in the right and media on the left. The second content block has text on the right and media on the left, and so on.

In the example below, the Features template is used to highlight the main value propositions of a marketplace in its landing page.


Carousel template

Just like Columns, the Carousel template works well for Sections that display a number of similar elements, like featured categories, listings, or locations.

Carousel template creates a scrollable slideshow out of your content. It is another great option for showcasing information where visual content takes center stage. Carousels also add an interactive element by requiring a scroll to show all the information. Use this Section template to showcase what is best about your marketplace, such as popular listings, categories, or providers.

Unlike the features template, content blocks in a carousel all show on a single row. Each content block is a thumbnail. The carousel features 1, 2, 3, or 4 content blocks on the page. Users can scroll or swipe through them to reveal additional content blocks.

1 column carousels have the largest thumbnails. The more content blocks that are featured, the smaller each thumbnail in the carousel. Thumbnails can be video or images and feature text. Content blocks appear in the Carousel layout below any Section title, ingress, or call to action button.

The Carousel layout below is used to give a succinct and interactive overview of possible actions (in this case, different locations where listings can be searched).

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