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Continuous integration

This guide describes how the Continuous Integration (CI) setup works in the Sharetribe Web Template and how to enable it.

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The Sharetribe Web Template provides a configuration to use CircleCI as a continuous integration server to run tests and other scripts. Continuous integration prevents deploying changes that break tests or fail audits.

You can use the .circleci/config.yml file to configure CircleCI.

Enabling continuous integration

Follow the Setting up Your Build on CircleCI instructions in the CircleCI documentation.

Continuous integration in the Sharetribe Web Template

Enabling continuous integration will allow you to run the following scripts:

Code formatting

yarn run format-ci

This command fails if there are changes in the formatting that are not committed. Run yarn run format to format the code and get rid of the error.


yarn run build

This command ensures that the build passes.


yarn run test-ci

This command runs the tests.

Security audit

yarn run audit

This command runs the security audit using yarn audit --json and checks returned JSON against vulnerability exceptions defined in .auditrc file at the project root. The audit checks for installed packages with known vulnerabilities and warns about those.

The script outputs information about the dependency path that added the package. If that information is not enough, yarn why package-name can be used to get more detailed information about why the package is installed.